September 20th, 2008


Unofficial JE shop in Osaka?

Hi guys!

Does anyone know whether there are any unofficial JE shops in Osaka selling concert tickets? I'm trying ways and means to get tickets for NEWS winter con and wanna take this as a last resort....(budget budget budget)...

It would be great if you could provide me with some kinda directions also if possible....if you've been there before and successfully gotten tickets.

Arigatou na!<3
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( 50 Sigs ) .. For The Best Guys Ever .. Part 1+2

Arashi + Golf & Mike  + Hey! Say! JUMP + News + Kanjani 8  + Kinki Kids + Kat-Tun + Tackey & Tsubasa and a lot other ...
Each member (1) For each Part ..

This is part ( 2 ) :
Tegoshi Yuya (1)
Nishikido Ryō (1)
Katō Shigeaki (1)
Koyama Keiichiri (1)
Masuda Takahisa (1)
Yamashita Tomohisa (1)

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{ 嵐 } 二宮さん~★

Happy Birthday PV [spanish/english subbed + karaoke]

Remenber that post?

I said that If a better version of Happy Birthday aired I'm gonna subbed it one more time (laughs)

So, here you go, Happy Birthday PV [spanish/english subbed + karaoke] in the most HQ that I can make XD

Comments = love

And credits in the videos,

Finally enjoy (^_^)o

P.D. Mirrors are apreciate!!
Versión en español, descargenla aquí

English version, download here


Uchi look-a-like?

Ok so i saw this random picture of Nana Kitade this morning and it HIT me. She looked A LOT like Uchi xD (but only in this picture) So i went and searched for THE Uchi pic where he has the same pose but failed to find it on the internet...x_x I had it in my other computer that CRASHED with my 1-2gb of JE pics and i dunno how many gb of vids T____T ANYWAYS. I did find some pics where they look similar...also, another little thing i noticed...

( You'll see what i mean + Yamapi? O.O )

i'm not sure if i tagged this right sorry if i didn't >< (I haven't been on LJ in a couple of months because all the updates in my JE communities are too overwhelming...that's what i get for leaving and being internet-less for awhile x_x)

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