September 21st, 2008

Hello Minna San ^-^

We're making new NEWS project. (Hoshi wo mezashite)
So if anyone is interested in practicing with us take a look at theasian_karaoke  community.
Register, read the rules and go ahead to take a part.
Also there is some part still left in other songs from other artists.

Have fun~~

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Mozzafiato RP

Mozzafiato - Italian meaning breathtaking. Mozzafiato is a non-au roleplay for muses of all nationalities. I am a muse there, and I am Yamashita Tomohisa. We're currently looking for muses, because currently, I am the only one! I'm quite lonely, to tell you the truth. If you don't know what non-Au means, it's basically the world today. Muses follow schedules like they would in the real world (for example, I'm Yamapi, so I have to do Yamapi-like-things.) Other than that, its pretty much up to you. I'm really looking forward to seeing some people around!
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Hi there ^^

Well I have a request again for all german News-fans so I'll continue this post in german neee ^^

Also eine freundin von mir hat ein News forum aufgemacht falls ihr lust habt neue leute kennenzulernen könnt ihr ja mal vorbeischaun ^^
jeder is willkommen der news nur auch etwas mag xDD
hier der link:  hoffe es kommen einige ^^
bis dann x3 freuen uns ^^
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Hi! I know you guys only saw me a couple days ago but I decided to post my translations on Sundays, so here I am. xD

Anyway the updates:

LOVE 354

LOVE 357

LOVE 358

LOVE 359

Wagahai 15th June

Wagahai 17th June

For those who missed my precious post, the previous updates were:

LOVE 355


LOVE 356

Thanks everyone, I'll see you next sunday! And sorry for the late updates!!!

Edit: I forgot another one, click here to found out!



Geijutsu Gakuen is an art academy which is situated in the Geijutsu Island. Here you’ll role play JE boys’ characters that you’ve claimed either as teachers or students of this boarding school and control their lives.

In this boarding school type of academy, students will be taught with various kinds of arts ranging from performing arts up to martial arts. To maintain the quality and secrecy of the academy, students are not allowed to interact with the outer world until they have graduated, except on special occasions passed by the Principal or Vice Principal. Each and every student in Geijutsu Gakuen will be evaluated by their teachers each semester. Best student/s of each semester will be rewarded.

Come and join us now and be part of JE Family!