September 24th, 2008

Magazine Subscriptions

I was wondering where can i get magazine subsciptions for Myojo or one of the big magazines (duet, potato, or wink up) i was planning to do a 3 to 6 month trial here since i can't stand not getting magazines here and i was thinking of getting a subscription does anyone know where?

thanks for everyone's help XD

edit: i live in Kingsto Ontario CANADA btw (I swear theres nothing here!!!)

YAMAPI no waratte NOVEMBER GATHERING(filipino fans)

Minna, the admins along with the mods have decided upon this gathering..
we are encouraging everyone to come rb_tongue.gif
it's the perfect time to meet fellow yamapi, news and je fans ne??
and we are sure everyone would have a lot of fun!!
so here are the details..


@WHEN:November 15 2008

@WHERE:SM Megamall; food court (the first one who arrives will decide where we will stay...just inform us through text...)

@WHAT:celebration of YNW's 6th monthsary, ryo-tesshi-ohno's-member celebrants for october and november; fanmeet

 for more details view in my

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Asking about Russ-K & NEWS

Uhm, I have a presentation, and its topic is " You take a part of  a staff from an ad agency, present an advertising campaign."
Well, I'm thinking of Russ-K as its CMs are very attractive and they're all HQ videos. ( My relative said that using videos in presentation would make it more interesting.) More than that, I want to introduce NEWS to my classmates, cause in my country, the number of people know about NEWS & Pi can count on fingers.
But when searching information about Russ-K, I got nothing, just some Japanese website. How terrible when I don't know even a Japanese word. I ask my friend for a help, and here is what she told me : 


Product : for men only. 
Surf Brand.

But when I search for Russ-K product, I saw some female clothes. Uhm, so it's for male only or for both male and female ? What does "Surf brand" means ? Is it Russ-K niche market ? 
Here is Russ-K website . Anyone know Japanese plz help me.

Well, in my presentation, I have to explain why Russ-K choose NEWS to endorse.
Can you guys suggest me some advices ?
Sth like NEWs is very popular must go with some figure, so does anyone know the rank of NEWS or exactly how popular are they ? 

@mod : I don't know asking for some private help like this whether is accepted here.
But if not, feel free to delete this post & plz tell me that you delete it, neh ?