September 25th, 2008


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Hi. I'm a new member and also new to er, NewS.

I recently watched the Sayaendo PV and i was kinda miffed.
I had enjoyed watching their DOME con and their solos but the
Sayaendo PV has to be the oddest concoction, ever
. >.<"

Sayaendo was the first NewS song that i loved so i guess
the PV just shocked me. I wonder how Johnny- san actually allowed this to happen. pfft.

NewS deserves better PVs:P

Anyways, i did some random text- only icons.


Go here @ 3top

RYO melts :D

Handphone Goodies

Hmmm it's almost 3 am now o.O.. and my progress report is not completed yet. Been in the lab like 8am till 7 pm everyday >.< for almost 3 weeks       ---.--- im so T.I.R.E.D..hmmmm so while im finishing my project report which is i have to submit by 9 am tomorrow..uwahhhhh..i hv uploaded some handphone goodies (3gp files) for those who might interested in it :)