September 28th, 2008


[translation] Yamashita Tomohisa - an-an 2008.10.1 No. 1628

Yamapi's article from an-an's "Favorite Man" ranking (2008.10.1 No. 1628).

-, Code Blue role
-, How does Yamashita-san relax?
-, Future dreams and ambitions
-, The thing I want most right now is...

Scan thanks to watchful21 and aya_takarai
Magazine detailed info thanks to watchful21

[ "I'm happy when I can understand people's feelings" ]

Per la traduzione ITALIANA, riferite a questo post @nantokanarusa.
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Tegoshi in Thai TV rough translation

i download the vid and watched it just now so i decided to translate the bit with tesshi <3
just a little note the japanese bit was more detailed than the thai translation at the bottom so i kinda mushed it together.
sad the clip was cut >.<

Miyagawa: Sawadee kup [hello]

Old Man Helmet: Sawadee kup [hello]

Tegoshi: Sawadee kup [hello]

Miyagawa: Sawadee kup [hello]

Old Man Helmet:

 ikegomi desu ne (?) <---- I dunno what he’s saying here sorry >.<

I um..

Miyagawa: I..well ..I ‘m very excited. I have experienced going to many countries’ festivals. I think we can do it. We’ll put in all our effort and work hard.

Old Man Helmet: Im glad to have a chance to join the villagers here. I want to win.

Tegoshi: I don’t have any experience with the agriculture machine. That’s bad. But the three of us will do our best.

All: Wasshoi!!!

Just if you were wondering the beginning part just mention the thai dance and said that there was a japanese super star. Even though they are japanese they were dancing pretty well blah blah blah..nothing interesting :p If someone is going to properly translate the japanese bit id be happy to help with the thai part XD

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