September 30th, 2008

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OPERATION TEGOSHI by foxhana (2)

I'm back! ^_^ hope you enjoy myprevious pic spam of tegoshi. today i'm going to bring you some.. weird side of tegoshi. weird as in lightings go wrong, taken at angles which i think is kinda weird, or tegoshi making some really not so nice looking faces. i know i'm supposed to put pretty pics of tegoshi here, but i found so many pics of him taking weird photos. maaan my photobucket is going to burst. HAHAHAHA!

once again, credits are for anyone whose names are printed on the pic, if not, they belong somewhere (mostly news_jpop members)

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KoyaShige - Chirarizumu contest

we're doing the contest. for that we need some people so quickly join, ne ^^"
under the post in asian_karaoke</lj>  you should write who you want to be and if already know with who you want to sing. if not, then asian_karaoke will choose the pair for you ^^"

we wish to see many pairs x)

Sign Up's end October 14th

we're waiting for you to join~~!
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OPERATION TEGOSHI by foxhana (3)

this is the third operation by me. After looking at some weird faces / moments tegoshi had since he became a johnny, i'm putting up some really pretty tegoshi. there are so many that i still had to cut him out(so only tegoshi appears) and resize the pic. i have over 60 pics of him here.i hope you enjoy them as much (or even more) as you enjoy my last few tegoshi pic posts. :) This time, i categorised them into Pretty Tegoshi, Sexy Tegoshi, and Kawaii Tegoshi, as well as some pics that could not be fitted in to this three categories.

and credits are for those whose names are on the pic, if not, mostly news_jpop members.

also, added "whose hands?"

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