October 3rd, 2008


another trip report!

I just came back from Japan and wrote a trip report :)
also gonna give away 2 official NEWS shop pics to thank you all for contributing to this community so i could leech around ^___^ really arigatou ne!

Hope u guys enjoy reading my report


comment as much as u like! ^______^

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Question !

Hello everybody!
I have some questions but I don't know where I can ask its, so you can delete my post if I'm doing wrong (sorry, I'm new in this community).

* In the Tokyo Dome's concert, why does koyama say "don dake!" during the rap intro about Tegoshi? (I know that it's the catchphrase of Ikko, but what is the link with Tegoshi?)
* Does someone know when Tegoshi began to participate in the Yayayah show? Was it after or before the creation of NEWS ?

Thank you !!

PS: Is there another guy in this community? ^^" (Well, I know johnny's by my girlfriend, and I like to share her interests. I also like their TV shows, concerts,... especially the Shin Domoto Kyodai and News)
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[sales] october - sales masterpost.

Any and all sales for October sales should be posted here!

★ Your subject should contain the item(s) you're selling. An few examples of this would be NEWS - Happy Birthday RE single, TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE single, TV GUIDE magazine (issue number goes here), Myojo November 2008 NEWS clippings, etc, etc.
★ Your comment should include relevant details about your item(s), alongside a way to get in contact with you, such as your email or a link to your LJ.
★ If you have a new item(s) to be sold, but already have posted a comment to the sales post, please reply to your original comment (using the same format for the original) with the new item(s) details.
★ If your item(s) has been sold, reply to your original comment with 'SOLD', 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE', 'CLOSED' or anything similar to those in the subject.
★ To keep up with the latest sales on this post, you should track this entry! You'll be notified with an email if there's any new comments~

Any sales posts after this post will be deleted immediately unless they fall under the exceptions.

NewS Icons!

NewS Icons! <3

44 Icons in total. (3 GIFs)
  • 2 group
  • 10 Yamapi
  • 3 Kei
  • 7 Masuda
  • 3 Ryo
  • 6 Shige
  • 13 Tegoshi
  • 3 Tegomass

    (btw, this third one here is Masuda)

P.S.: Feel free to comment! <3

The rest are here (the 41 non-GIFs) and the 3 GIFs are HERE.

Minna san, ENJOY!

let&#39;s run away together

Icons post

Some NEWS' icons

*1 = ShigePi
*2-*5 = Super Junior's Shindong, Siwon, Sungmin
*6-*15 = Super Junior + Super Junior M
*16-*19 = Ueto Aya
*20 = Akira (Nobuta wo Produce)
*21-*23 = Super Junior's Donghae
*24 = KyuHae
*25-*46 = Super Junior's KyuHyun
*47-*49 = KyuMin
*50 = Matsumoto Jun
*51 = Nakahima Mika
*52-*53 = NewS
*54 = Super Junior's Ryeowook
*55-*57 = Nishikido Ryo
*58-*62 = RyoPi
*63-*76 = Kato Shigeaki

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Icons Post

Although I said I would stop doing graphics for a while, I'm bringing you a new Batch of 25 icons.
Only NEWS icons this time (well... to tell the truth, it's mostly Tegoshi and Yamapi)

Preview :

The rest is Here @ pinklunacy
Hope you'll enjoy it^^