October 5th, 2008

  • foxhana

OPERATION TEGOSHI (6) by foxhana

Tegoshi poses again~ Chest up poses~ no i dont mean chest poses (like the crotch poses), i meant poses he did with his hand above his chest. :) no no dirty thinking here. :)

also i have resorted to tiny pics. yes tiny compared to their original HQ. bandwidth~

Credits are for those whose names are on the pic, if not, mostly news_jpop.

and errrr 'Operation Tegoshi's Crotch' was not posted by me. so yeah. just so you dont get confused. erm. yeah.
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peace out

Itteq screencaps!!

Just finished watching Itteq just now ^__^
I bring you screencaps!! here
The fact that i have screencaps is good news ne?
But there is bad news waiting for you...
(PS. sorry i didn't record the show. >.<)
Let&#39;s Do the Koyama Dance!

akanishikoki's 150 Icon Feat. NEWS

Hello everyone!
This is the very first time im going to post this sooooo many icons O__O
I hope everyone would like it! :D


Koyama Keiichiro : [16]
Koya - (Pair-ups) : [6]
Kusano Hironori : [6]
Masuda Takahisa : [16]
Moriuchi Takahiro : [1]
KKK : [3]
Kato X Masuda : [1]
NEWS : 26
Ryo Nishikido : 12
Shigeaki Kato : 18
Tegoshi Yuya : 29
Uchi Hiroki : 4
Yamashita Tomohisa : 14


[PART1] [PART 2][PART 3]

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Have fun with the icons and remember the rules XD.


News Discovery

Hey everyone! It's my first time posting here, and I'm happy to meet you all. :) I hope this is allowed. Cheers! :)

I was just wondering how everyone got into NEWS. They're in Japan and other than the internet, there aren't that many places you can see them, but they have so many fans around! I'm hoping some of you will be in a sharing mood and tell me how you became their fan.

For me, it was when I was visiting my brother in Japan last year and we were walking around Harajuku. One store had a TV inside and a catchy tune was playing so I went closer to it and started watching it. I really liked the song playing and found the video real cute! It was playing over and over so I stood in front of the TV for a longer time than necessary and felt sad when my family told me it was time to leave. I thought I wouldn't ever hear that song again since I don't live in Japan, and I couldn't read the song title nor the artist's name. I don't even remember what store it was because I didn't go inside, I just stayed in front of it's TV. Hehe. :P

Anyway, when I got back home, one of my friends was spazzing about her new favorite group, and sent me a video of their song. To my surprise, it was the exact same video I saw in Harajuku just a few weeks ago!

She told me the group was NEWS, and the song title was Weeeek. And well, you can probably tell the rest. :)

So, how about you?