October 6th, 2008

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OPERATION TEGOSHI (7) (end) by foxhana

The seventh and final Operation Tegoshi. This time round, its the things Tegoshi holds for a photoshoot. all the things JE boys holds, they're similar.. but being put to greatest use to push their sales~ ranging from flowers, which can be used repeatedly for dozens of photoshoots for many many JE boys, to his own body parts. Why yes bodypart, you'll see. HA! i have about 80 pics here too. :)

and can someone tell me what happened to tegoshiyuya.com? was it moved or closed? i havent been there for a long time(love news_jpop) and wheni went there yesterday it went to a domain page. >_>

credits are for those whose names on the pic, and news_jpop, boys_paper.Collapse )
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NEWS Graphic Spam

Greetings to everyone who reads this!! I'm posting the stuff I made during my short break (okay, so I was a little bit bored) which consists of lovebars (first attempt; so comments/feedbacks are greatly appreciated) and icons. Btw, these images I used for the graphics were taken from "Happy Birthday" PV; using Image Grabber (thanksmassu89 for the tip!! ^.^V)

For complete credits, please refer this post: cerraazizi.livejournal.com/6649.html

Yamapi [3]
Ryo [3]
Shige [3]
Koyama [3]
Tegoshi [4]
Masuda [3]
Pairings [3]

Lovebars: [7]

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- Please comment if you take any. Feedbacks would be much appreciated.
- Also, please credit to cerraazizi if used.
- DO NOT hotlink.
- Textless icons are ABSOLUTELY NOT bases!
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Johnny's COUNTDOWN 08/09?

Hi! I'm planning my first trip to Japan together with my friend, and so we might be in Tokyo on newyears eve and after, and so... We really really want to see NEWS perform! And I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Johnny's Countown? How to get tickets or if someone could help us get tickets? I'd be forever greatful!

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Yamapi and Massu Uchiwa.. ! ^_^

hi minna-san ! i just want to share this all to you !

view it here !! ^_^


comments are loooove !

gomen i don't know how to make links...can someone please teach me?? ^_^

ahmm..creators if i violated a rule please tell me..i read themm...and it's my 1st time posting here..! ^_^