October 7th, 2008

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[SCANS] WEEKLY The Television 2008 No.40

Hi Minna !!
This is my first post =D

Imma not sure if anyone of you has posted the scans on this particular mag..
So i will just post it since i got the mag =D
Imma not too sure if i have get the name of the Mag correctly since i dunno how to read jap ~~
Sorry that there's no translation...
You guys can ignore it, if any of the fans out dere has posted it =D

There will be a slight color different for the wordings..

Do reply to the comments if you take the scans =D
It will be greatly appreciated ... =D


Gomen ne ...i dont know how to do the under cut thingy ~~

Files in Mediafire
Not sure if it works..since it's my first time doing this =D


Imma sorry
I dont know how to do the link thingy....
So i guess u guys have to copy n paste the link to d.l

Eh do tell me if u guys can d.l the scans....
Arigatou =D

Koyama => +act. 01

New Community


je_world x je_world x je_world x je_world x je_world x je_world

I wanted to make this community for those who are looking to meet new JE friends ... and all on ONE COMMUNITY ... Like I've seen JE Canada ... JE Europe ... JE Asia, places like that. This is a community where we are all in ONE PLACE.

community is still under construction ... but there wont be much spamming of f-lists

x-posted to other communities of JE ... sorry if you see this more than once
Uchi peace

(no subject)

Hey guys the Je txt circle has been going but we haven't been getting any new members T^T

je_texcircle  je_texcircle  je_texcircle 

All this is is, just getting info about JE bands and Jrs by texting! just incase you aren't able to get on the computer. Also just to talk to other JE fans!

-You have to live in the US
-Have a cellphone (duh)
-Like JE! (haha)

je_texcircle  je_texcircle  je_texcircle 
peace out

(no subject)

Hi, today just when i was watching itteQ i thought to myself..wow Tegoshi is such a down to earth idol.
Other idols i know of are also said to be
very down to earth for their easy going personailty with fans. So i was wondering..who in NEWS do you think are down to earth? and why?
If it's not a NEWS member than who is that person? I'm just a bit curious  ^_^ 



[plz delete if not allowed]

Fangirl in Hong Kong?

Hello guys! I'm going back to Hong Kong on Oct 28th. I want to know if any of you are from Hong Kong and want to make a new friend. I would like to go buy all those JE's stuff with one of you guys. It's never fun buying JE's merch by myself. =( Leave me a comment and your msn s/n if you're interested. We can chat on MSN further about this hang out. =D

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Omedetou NEWS for the 10th consecutive weekly #1 single!

From oricon

Congratulations to NEWS for being the second group in history (after Kinki Kids) that managed 10 consecutive weekly #1 singles from their debut on oricon! :)

Happy Birthday's first week sales figures is 201,304 :) *do i hear sighs of relief?* 

Total Happy Birthday Sales so far (last updated 18/10): 201,304+18,301= 219,605

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