October 9th, 2008

Where it is?

Hi dear NewS fan!

I have a little request...
I am living in Tokyo this year, so I would like to visit lots of places here.
And especially doramas places!
I have been to Ebisu to see the famous sculpture in Hana Yori Dango, and Yokohama port where Tatta hitotsu no koi has been filmed...but now I am looking for Kurosagi house!
I even don't know if it is in Tokyo.
A long time ago someone wrote a post about  Kurosagi sculpture's place (you know this metal thing lol), so if this person is still on this community...tasukete!

And if you know some other doramas places, let me know ^^

Thank you!!
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Mädchen: chucks

matching wallpaper

Hello again,
I posted a banner yesterday and some of you asked at my lj for a wallpaper based on the banner. I made it and you can find it here at my lj now. I am sorry if this isn't want you wanted but I couldn't make the texture big enough for a wallpaper so this is what I made instead.

If this counds as spamming feel free to tell me and I will delete this post.
Thank you.

massu blue

shige shigeee

hello ^___^
i'd like to share you guys what shige has inspired me to do..

it's the first gif pic i made out of a video..
it's a bit big. i think..
whad'ya think?

(pls. delete if this post is not allowed)

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hallo..i wonder if any of you out there know how to send letters to NEWS? I was thinking of sending a gift to Ryo-kun since his birthday and mine are on the same date. 3rd November.. Im excited so I want to give him something.. If any of you know how to get to them, please do tell me... I think a lot out there want to know too..

Thanks... Reply a.s.a.p

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