October 10th, 2008

Auction for NEWS concert ticket.

I am going to attend NEWS winter concert in Oita this December, however cause I havent been a member of their FC yet, so I must buy ticket through yahoo auction page T^T.

I have never done this before, so I am nervous about what to do.

Is there anyone here having bought tickets through this way?

Could you please show me how to auction? The more detailed, the better T^T.

Thank you so much in advance
baka baka baka aho!!!

news "color" album now available on pre-ordr on play-asia!!!!

guys!!!! news new album "color" is now also available on play-asia!!

like you all know it will be released on 19th november , so just just a couple of weeks and it's yours yay!!!!

the normal edition is $28.90

the limited edition is also marked at the same price of $28.90

so there take your pick and preorder it while it's still available!!!

gan gan ganbatte....lol