October 11th, 2008


Konnichiwa Minna-sama~

This is my first post here, after watching this community for a while, and I wanted to make sure it was a post with a bang!

I bring you ringtones: tons of them.

[4] Tegomasu
[17] News
[1] Utada Hikaru
[2] Orange Range
[3] Arashi]
[4] Super Junior

and many many more.

You can view them at my LJ Here.

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COLOR @ Amazon and HMV

Hi all, aren't we all excited that the boys are releasing a new album so soon? It was predicted to come out next year, wasn't it. xDD Ahh I can't wait for the CD jacket images to be revealed. O_O
Anyways I went through the community and it seems that no one has posted the links to their CD on both Amazon and HMV. Since I was going through them while doing my research for the best prices (tee-hee, I'm pre-ordering from YesAsia), here are the links:

COLOR CD (Limited Edition)
HMV Japan

COLOR CD (Regular Edition)
HMV Japan

They're sold for the same price at both sites: 3000 yen (excl. shipping)
According to j_halo7 , HMV has set a limit for the LE this time, no more than 5 per customer and no multiple orders.

Happy pre-ordering! ^o^

YamaPi reading

NEWS x Russ-K

I've already done my presentation on Thursday afternoon... I got [9,5]. Such a dream mark. It was NEWS, YAMAPI & RUSS-K brought me such a wonderful day XD.

Some of my friends told me to upload the slide after my presentation...so I upload it....XD and post it here, too.
I design a special template for this presentation...If you wanna have a look at it, just come here :D : My LJ

I also upload the Russ-K CM videos that I use in my presentation there. One of them is HQ.
Everything in my presentation is fake, so plz forgive me if there's sth that can't acceptable.
AND I wanna say SPECIAL THANKS to news_jpop , without you, I could not have done anything.