October 15th, 2008


i just started my site on NEWS.
basically i translate their jwebs, newsmile, and some magazine articles.
just wanna share my translations with all of you. :)

oyasumi! :)

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NEWS Winter Party Diamond

the concert will start in less then two weeks and johnnys already sent out the tickets and invitations ^^

credits: shinobi_chan

so NEWS stick to their theme it will be like a celeb party, and they also send out invitations (HOW CUTE) ^^ If you open the invitation it says something like LETS MAKE A HAPPY PARTY WITH US (LOL)

and the goods are:

PAMPHLET 2000yen
JUMBO UCHIWA (6kinds) 500yen
POSTER (7kinds) 800yen
CLEAR FILE (7kinds) 500yen
ORIGINAL PHOTOSET (7kinds) 600yen

[translation] Yamashita Tomohisa & Nishikido Ryo - Potato 2008.11

Scans thanks to aya_takarai

Had Ryo-chan's part ready for days too, so here you go ^__^

[ Yamapi: I want to give him something only I can do ]

[ Ryo: I want to discover new sides to his character ]

And, for those planning on going to concerts totally jealous here's a little extra from TV Guide 2008.10:

[ Ryo-chan and Yamapi; expectations from this tour ]

NEWS - Fly Again Preview! (edited)

Hello all!
I found this radio rip of NEWS' new song FLY AGAIN in the album 'Color' in Youtube!
Credits to: tatamasaifasa

I think the song is pretty good! The starting somehow reminds me of 'Easy Come Easy Go'! Haha!
I've converted the file to mp3! Here's the download if anyone is interested! :D

Yay, lets all anticipate the day of the release of 'Color'! I bet the songs will be as great as this one! :D
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Most popular Johnny's

I don't know if this poll is already posted in this community and I'm not even sure if this is allowed (if this isn't, please delete). Basically you vote for who you think is the most popular Johnny's. This poll ends on the November 2nd, I believe.


Edit: Okay, vote here. http://johnnys.cosotto.com/ranking/johnnysranking.html. Currently Yamashita is in first place but I can't seem to read everyone else's names. Thanks to starmuffin_news for the information.

Ah...also I can't seem to find the proper tag for this post, so if someone can kindly help me with that part, I'd be happy.
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Old Scary Johny is a sexual harasser (Is it True?!)

Hello everyone,

It 's been a while since my last post. You know how it goes when you have a lot of things going on in your life. Enough about me, let's move on to the spicy stuff. Thinking of Johny's Kingdom always turns on my curiosity mood. I have always wondered who is this Johny and how does he look like?  hence this post....


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