October 22nd, 2008

  • mi_yuki

NEWS Winter Concert Goods (Pre-ordering)


Very hesitant as to whether to collect pre-orders for NEWS winter concert goods this time ^^! Even though I'll be in Japan during part of their concert tour, the venues are rather far away from where I'll be, that's why, I still cannot make up my mind as to whether I should collect pre-orders this time! But since a few of my "loyal" customers were asking, I shall do a check to see how's the response before I decide whether to actually collect the orders! As usual, I'll try to keep the price as low as possible! But please understand that recently the SGD has weakened compared to yen, therefore I might have to adjust the prices a bit!

Here's the list of goods and the prices that I'll be charging if I do decide to collect the orders! I'll be charging in Singapore Dollars to avoid confusions later! The USD is a rough guide for international buyers!

● Pamphlet (S$40) [USD27]

● Jumbo uchiwa (6 types) (S$15) [USD10]

● Poster (7 types) (S$22) [USD15]

● Clear file ( 7 types) (S$12) [USD8]

● Tote bag (S$20) [USD13.50]

● Dice Strap (S$22) [USD15]

● Ring (Size / S M L) (S$25) [USD17]

● Muffler towel (S$24) [USD16]

● Hat Pin (S$18) [USD12]

● T-shirts (S$50) [USD33.50]

● Original penlight (S$25) [USD17]

● Original photo sets (7 types) (S$16) [USD11]

Please leave your precious comments here, I'll confirm within 2 weeks as to whether I'll accept your orders! Thank you very much! And yes, as for payments, I'll collect them in 2 stages! Stage 1 will be 50% of your total orders and this will be collected after you have placed the order. Stage 2 will be another 50% + shipping/packing cost. This will be collected after I've got the goods. Please use paypal for international buyers and for fellow Singaporeans, any forms can be considered!^^

Looking forward to your precious feedback! Thank you~



about Countdown age limit

Someone told me that about Countdowns, you must be over 20 to get in, is that true?

I'm 18 and wanted to go -___-""

But what if it's true, then I buy my ticket and... people don't let me in?? O_O"""

Someone can help me to solve that? lol
Is it true or not? -_-"

on Ticket.co.jp, I read in some ticket infos with things like this on it:

(people under 20 needs a guardian)

or even

未定 20歳未満の方はご遠慮ください
(people under 20 please be discret)

****EDIT AGAIN****

Ok, a japanese girl on mixi just solved my questions. XD
She said actually, if you don't bring a guardian if you're under 20 and people stop you, you will have to go out or they will take you to the police. If you don't bring a guardian, then a letter of agreement is neccesary. Then, you don't have to worry about it if people stop you.
In addiction, since if you're not japanese, don't worry if your parents (or yourself LOL) write the letter in english or japanese. They won't really care about it if you at LEAST bring that letter and show it :D
~ the end ~ lol

Thank you to all people who helped me with that!!!

Behind the scenes - Yamapi

After many times of passing, I finally got down to watching this short documentary on Yamapi. And then I thought, why not translating it since the subs are in chinese? So, yeah. However, this is only part 1 and there are 3 parts. If you guys don't mind my sucky translation, I wouldn't mind translating the other two parts. Ah, did I mention that there was a news version too?

Edit: I was so blur to not check out akirashocksubs. They've subbed pi's one before. I'll check out the news' version instead.

Edit 2: I just watched the news version and it was a COMPLETE rip off of the hoshi wo mezashite jacket shoot and interview. >>;;

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