November 1st, 2008

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[sales] november - sales masterpost.

Any and all sales for November sales should be posted here!

★ Your subject should contain the item(s) you're selling. An few examples of this would be NEWS - Color LE album, NEWS - Happy Birthday RE single, TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE single, TV GUIDE magazine (issue number goes here), Myojo December 2008 NEWS clippings, etc, etc.
★ Your comment should include relevant details about your item(s), alongside a way to get in contact with you, such as your email or a link to your LJ.
★ If you have a new item(s) to be sold, but already have posted a comment to the sales post, please reply to your original comment (using the same format for the original) with the new item(s) details.
★ If your item(s) has been sold, reply to your original comment with 'SOLD', 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE', 'CLOSED' or anything similar to those in the subject.
★ To keep up with the latest sales on this post, you should track this entry! You'll be notified with an email if there's any new comments~

Any sales posts after this post will be deleted immediately unless they fall under the exceptions.

Ryo x Koyama

*pinch punch 1st of the month*

[1] x Ryo
[1] x Koyama


Cover-1.jpg image by s2_aw3som3 Jan-1.jpg image by s2_aw3som3

Dec-1.jpg image by s2_aw3som3 May-2.jpg image by s2_aw3som3

Sept-2.jpg image by s2_aw3som3Oct-2.jpg image by s2_aw3som3

Tegoshi and Shige next time
Yamapi and massu after if people like/want

you can make your in save then mix and match for the ones you like and if theres a particular photo/scan you want for a particular month, you can upload and send me the link and i'll try to help ^^

Koyama x Ryo

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Enquiring about something

Does anyone here know where to buy News related items in Jakarta, Indonesia?

I'll be heading there from 29th Nov till 1st Dec and Malaysia (where I'm staying) doesn't sell JE items. +_+

I would be very grateful for your help if you have any info for me.


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Do delete this if its inappropriate.

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Okay okay okay I need to get this out of the system.

I went to see Kurosagi today. On the big screen. In Hong Kong.

This is late, I know (11:30. Anyone still awake for updates on NEWS?), but I have got to share this, especially since there was a post a while earlier on about Hong Kong fans of NEWS. Anyway, yeah. Kurosagi is showing in Langham Place, and I went there for the first time (and dragged my mum along) so I could watch it. It is soooo much better seeing it in the cinema. I loved it.

According to the official website, it'll be on again tomorrow, and on the day after. I'm not sure about after that, since there wasn't any more dates after that (but they don't have all the dates, 'cause I saw the list on Friday, only to get the impression that it was only showing today and tomorrow), but it is possible that it'll be on.

It is worth it. If it's not, I wouldn't be posting here, because I knew that not a lot of people would know about it showing in Hong Kong, since I came across it by complete chance. I'm so glad my mum made me check for good movies that night.

Anyway, it's worth it because you get a free poster. It's not big, and it's in Chinese, but it's something. For someone like me, who has no idea where to get JE goods, I really did appreciate getting the poster. And you get to see Yamapi on the big screen. God, it would be worth anything. I mean, apparently they don't get as much coverage in Hong Kong. And that is just sad.

That is all.

Wait, no. That reminds me. Does anyone know where to buy JE goods in Hong Kong? Somewhere where they even sell older CDs? And posters. God, I crave posters. Please tell me if you do!

That's all.

Maido ari.

PS. Dear mods, is this allowed? If not, then feel free to delete. No actually, please leave it on for a while so Hong Kong fans get the chance to see it. Please? I need to spread the Pi love. <3 Thanks.


I did my research properly, and found out that it is showing at Kornhill and APM as well.

Gomen, gomen. It's my fault for falsely assuming things.