November 7th, 2008

NEWS scan community ready!^^

Hello everyone!!^^ *waves*

After lots of works, at last the news scans community has been created!!^^ *yeey* ,

Come and Join!!^^

It is very new community so it will take time to collect old scans and new scans etc.. But we'll try our best!^^ And it would be veryy appreciated if you can help too!^^ Like if you have scans and such, share them there too^^ So we can have big collection!^^ Please do leave your ideas or criticisms here about the community!^^

Thanks a lot!^^
  • yurekka

Wallpaper for Tegoshi's 21st Birthday~

Hello T____T m *still tired after fullday school*
*click thumbnail links to view bigger size*

Is it only me? The year passed too fast O___o
Feels like I just celebrated NEWS' 4th anniversary a months ago....
And now again??!!

Iyadaaaa~~~~~ x0000000 *seishuun~~*

one more.

This one is really old. Quite plain. Sorry...

oh... last again~


all made by me ^^v
hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin'

icons, anyone? :D

13 - A Series of Unfortunate Events
16 - Emily Browning
13 - Maki Horikita
18 - High School Musical
13 - KAT-TUN
18 - NEWS
7 - Paramore
5 - Gakuen Alice
7 - La Corda D'Oro
8 - Shugo Chara!
4 - Vampire Knight
13 - Random (Koukou Debut, Hey! Say! JUMP, My Boss My Hero, Akuma to Dulce, Tsubasa, Hatenkou Yuugi, Haruhi Suzumiya, X/1999, Bleach, Card Captor Sakura, InuYasha)

Here :)

Concert goods pics

Hi. I have a request here... Are there any proper pics of the concert T-shirt and Tote bag?
I tried looking at through the comm, and saw a few papa pics with the guys wearing it, but does anyone have a proper photo of the front and back? Does the back have any design like the Pacific shirt or is it just plain white with Diamond written in front?
I haven't seen any bag pics, so if anyone could show me, that'd be awesome!
  • mataika

NEWS magazine scans-birthday cake making

Collapse )

the scans are from "the television weekly" magazine. Based on the photos (since I can't understand ANY of the text), I think that the magazine article/thingy is about the news members making their own News Happy Birthday cake. They were split into groups of 3 (tego&massu, ryo&koyama and pi & shige). The cakes they made were pretty funny :)) anyway, if anyone knows what the text in the article is about or even those text thingys inside the speech bubbles on their heads, please tell me what they mean:((  It feels sad buying a magazine I can't understand :( XD

i'm sorry for the ugly cropping ._.

(Full view to see the text)