November 8th, 2008

translations update


[Icons] NewS pack

Hi guys,
I have been watching this community for a while and this is my first post here (comments are not counted tho' ^^)
Since I have a week without tests and exams so I have done some icons so far

I'd like to share them to you guys, hope you can enjoy

[5] Shige
[5] Koyama
[5] Ryo-chan
[5] Massu
[6] Yamapi
[2] Pairing


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Bass guitar Maru

Fan Gatherin in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Just a reminder about the Fan meeting at Dot-con in Toronto.

here are the basic informations.

WHERE: Dot-con Convention, Toronto, Ontario
ADRESS: Holiday Inn in Markham (steels and Woodbine, near Pacific Mall).
WHEN: November 15-16 2008
WHAT: JE Fan gatherin and Panel
COST: 40$ at the door/after pre-reg. for the weekend.
MEETING PLACE: Look in the Schedule to know which room

TIME: 10am to 3pm Sunday, November 16
LOOK FOR: the JE Panel : Shounen Club Engrish edition
Keep in mind that if you participate in our Shounen Club games, you could win authentics JE goods!!!

Please take note that the Venue place HAS BEEN CHANGED.
Instead of being in Downtown has moved close to Pacific Mall Holiday Inn on Steels and Woodbine

If you already had booked a room at the Holiday Inn on King Street, theere will bee Shuttle buses in between both places arranged for you.

I hope to see you there!!!
Please contact me for more informations or visit the original threat on the Canadian Johhny's community.

(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone was selling a NEWS single (any would do that was released before Hoshi wo Mezashite) and/or a NEWS or Massu uchiwa.
If you are selling, please comment and tell me the quality and price you are willing to sell it for, and if possible, a picture of the item as well. I would prefer that the item is new, and if not, in good quality.