November 12th, 2008

God is a Girl feat. Yuya Tegoshi

It's Tegoshi's 21st Birthday so happy birthday, man! I hope you have a great 21st birthday and an awesome year with new roles and songs to come.
I put together this fan video that features Tegoshi’s femininity. He kinda looked like a divine creature to me at first sight with an angelic face (and voice!) and feminine physique. Other than that, he’s far from feminine. Besides, he’s been constantly working out so hopefully one day he would get rid of this skinny build while still get to keep his pretty face. That’d be ideal! The song is “God is a Girl” by Groove Coverage, a great song I must say so hopefully you’ll enjoy it! ;)

God is a Girl feat. Yuya Tegoshi


Need help for a survey

so! i'm doing research on the effect on celebrity crushes into girls' (or boys, if there's any) lives. i hope you could help me with this.

all you need to do is answer the following questions:

1) Who is your JE crush (you only have to answer one person)
2) Do you think you're going to marry him someday? 
3) If you do, how do you think you're going to meet? Have you thought up of a situation wherein you would suddenly cross paths or something?
4) If you don't, why not? :P
5) Are you willing to date such a high-profile guy?
6) Lastly, who do you think is the perfect person for that guy to marry?

sorry if the questions are stupid.

the questions may be overly-personal, but to those who will answer, thank you so much and your answers will be a big help to our paper.

don't worry, comments will be screened, so only you and i will be able to see your answers, so i encourage you guys to be as honest as possible.

EDIT: Is it possible for me to reply to the comments here without unscreening the comment I replied to? I respect your privacy so...yeah.

mods can delete this if it's not allowed.
可愛い <太陽の涙>

POTATO0812 & Yamapi Jweb translation

Rough translation of POTATO 0812 -- Yamashita tomohisa's part
He talks about his duet with Koyama (Ginza rhapsody), about koyama's flashy dance and a very lame tiny remark on tegoshi at the very end.

To oppose TEGOMASS, thus it's KoyamaP


I'm back from my hiatus so I'll continue to translate Yamapi's jweb
All the translations can be found at my livejournal
Here is Yamapi Jweb translation for 2008.11.12 (which is today's)
which can be found here