November 16th, 2008

NEWS' translations update


2008.11.08 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.09 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.10 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.10 Keiichiro no Member Ai
2008.11.11 ∞ (Yellow) Ranger Nishikido Ryo
2008.11.11 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.12 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.13 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.14 Keiichiro no Member Ai
2008.11.14 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.15 Yamashita no Nikki

im almost back from my hiatus, one last paper on tuesday. so i wont be doing any magazines translations till then.
meanwhile, enjoy the jwebs! :)

and note that from now on, all of my translations will posted to newsxoxo instead.
my journal will only contain personal entries. details/reasons of the move here

so i encourage all to join/watch the community! refer to here for rules and such. thanks! :)
peace out

Announcement from NEWS Translations! community

Hi all!
Our site is still underconstruction but we have created a request post.
The community is aiming to organize translations to make it easier to find and avoid duplicates.
If there is a translation that hasn't been done and you want to make a request please go here

And to all "active" translators (meaning you post translations daily when you're off hiatus)
please leave a comment (so I know that you're reading this :D). Once you have join
our community I will enable you to post at the community and create a tag for you.
It will look like this eg. tp:akira_ken2 (tp = translator's progress)
With only ONE post, you will update/edit on you're progress that has a format like this:

Waiting List

Yamapi Duet 01.09

In Progress

Yamapi NEWS Winter Party Diamond Pamphlet

As long as we can tell I don't mind something a bit different from this.
Don't worry about your "translated" list. That is our job. Once you have translated them
just remove them from your post.

Everybody please join the community and make use of it as much as possible!
Any questions, please leave a comment.
And here is a link to our community.

[Please note that the magazines I mentioned above are just examples. If you already commented on the previous post, you can ignore this one.]

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To mods..sorry for deleting and reposting. I didn't get enough feedback and I would really appreciate some help. But if this is not allowed feel free to delete this post.

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FYI: Koneko article translation

In opposite to the things I normally do, I did a translation from German into English of the article discussed in this post.
Don't blame me for any things that this article says, I just translated it. If you're interested, you can read it here.

I didn't find it appropriate to actually post it in the community because the content is in no way related to NEWS or any of the members. They just used Ryo's pictures. If this is not allowed, mods, please feel free to delete this.
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some icons :D

Okay I should be doing homework right now, but wth I had to see the color CD scans today XD;; The rest is pretty much my fault though and me realizing my love of PS8. Hope you all enjoy the icons!

[x05] Nishikido Ryo
[x06] Koyama Keiichiro
[x08] Tegoshi Yuya
[x01] Masuda Takahisa
[x01] Yamashita Tomohisa
[x01] Masuda Takahisa & Tegoshi Yuya
[x04] Nishikido Ryo & Tegoshi Yuya
[x02] Koyama Keiichiro & Yamashita Tomohisa
[x01] Nishikido Ryo & Uchi Hiroki
[x02] NEWS
[x04] Keita Tachibana
[x03] Miura Haruma
[x04] Misc.

[x17] NEWS (color album *_*)


Can be found at my icon journal: chibi_amadare!
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