November 20th, 2008

Yamapi's Jweb Translation (19.11.2008)

Hello Mina~san ,
I came with today's Pi Nikki's translation



Good Morning! 
Today also was very  cold ^o^
yesterday I went to gymnasium after finishing work (^0^)
In fact, If you don't exercise your body occasionally you will be out of shape and your body won't feel comfortable > へ <
recently , I have been into recording English talk shows and watching them. 
Super ~~ easy to understand ^o^
really , I may be able to speak  English  fluently within 3 years oh.(Smiles)








Sorry for the rough translation ^_^ Enjoy
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Shabake DVD

Shabake DVD is now available to preorder on cdjapan

Description: Set in the Edo Period, a son and heir of big apothecary's shop named Ichitaro (Yuya Tegoshi) is physically weak and his parents are worried about him a lot. However, he has two guardian Nikichi and Sasuke since he was 5 years old. They actually are strong specters, and at that time, Ichitaro stared to be able to see and talk to specters. Specters love Ichitaro a lot, but he has worries. . . Includes bonus disc with character guides, behind-the-scene footage of special effects makeup, interview with Tegoshi and Takagi, press conference, and more! Also includes special booklet. First Press sells with original supplement case.

Release Date: 2009/01/30
Price: 4800yen
junsu ☆ 「bliss」

27 news icons;

total icons - 134
news; - 27
-- yamashita tomohisa - 3
-- nishikido ryo - 3
-- masuda takahisa - 7
-- tegoshi yuya - 3
-- shigeaki kato - 3
-- koyama keiichiro - 3
-- group - 5
kat-tun - 12
-- kamenashi kazuya - 2
-- akanishi jin - 2
-- taguchi junnosuke - 2
-- nakamaru yuichi - 2
-- tanaka koki - 2
-- ueda tatsuya - 2
hey! say! jump - 74
-- nakajima yuuto - 5
-- yamada ryosuke - 4
-- chinen yuuri - 5
-- morimoto ryutaro - 4
-- okamoto keito - 3
-- yaotome hikaru - 4
-- arioka daiki - 4
-- takaki yuya - 4
-- inoo kei - 4
-- yabu kota - 4
-- group - 33
teppei koike - 12
miura haruma - 9


here @ iconagenda
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why MOLA?

I am just wondering why Yamapi's solo song is called MOLA. How did they come up with that name? I know they had a few names for the song, but the end decision was MOLA.

If someone can answer this question for that me that would be great. Thank you.

Day 2 Oricon for Color+2 ryojin paparazzi pictures

And NEWS maintains its place as #1 (lol is anyone even surprised?) 

Second day sale for Color: 25,497
Second day sale for Pacific: 32,729
Total Sales of color as of 19/11: 83,741+ 25,497x1.75= 128,360

Unrelated, but SINGAPOREAN FANS (or Malaysian/other SEA fans who wouldn't mind coming to Singapore for a Johnnys concert), check out this post for some insiders news about the possibility of a J&A con-specifically arashi- held in Singapore and check out this post to request for J&A concerts to be held in Singapore ^^ 

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山下智久-Yamashita Tomohisa nikki (08.11.20) translation











Have a good day!

Marblerain & 疟原虫阿

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koyama PIC SPAM

I want to start with greeting the birthday girl
dw9lives (Veronica).
May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday !
I'm sorry for this belated Birthday present, I had problems with my internet connection .But hey! late or not late who cares Because there is one thing I know for sure;  I'm so lucky to have such a great friend like you... who'd forgive me for being  late in presenting her birthday gift. Happy Belated Birthday!

Since Veronica is a profound Koyama lover I thought the best birthday present is to get her Koyama wrapped with present wrapping  papers. (LOL) The only problem I had was getting wrapping papers that are long enough to cover the whole Koyama. Since that was quite hard taking into consideration the 177 cm fathom of his , I decided to get her something that is as valuable yet a bit easier to get...........KOYAMA PIC SPAM

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Hong Kong

heyy minna !!

im going to hong kong next week and i REALLLLLLLLY want to buy some NEWS stuff.. it can be anything i dnt really care.. as long as NEWS is on it im happy.. posters and concert merchendise is what im mainly aiming at looking for =D

i need directions and address and description of the place [what it looks like inside/outside or if the shop is big or small.. my navigation is really bad ><"] of the shops that buy JE/jap things

your help REALLY appreciated =D


p.s. i saw this kind of post somewhere... i cant find it no more

p.s.s. ive read the rules.. but i didnt see anything that would break them.. AND ive saw someone else do this kind of post before and i dnt think it was deleted.. btw.. if your going to tell me off, please say it in a nice way ^^
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my first icon making.ahaha.bad isnt?ahaha.neway after a week and a week did this.finally.ahaha.please teach me more how to do icons!!

Photobucket [1]

Photobucket [2]

Photobucket [3]

Photobucket [4]

Photobucket [5]

Photobucket [6]

OH.PLEASE COMMENT IF TAKING.ahaha.since it was my first time i don't know where to do the border and all that kind of stuff.ahahaha.teach me! :)
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