November 24th, 2008

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Hi first time posting here
just want to share some wallpapers i made
first time so they might not be great but i was really bored XD
please credit if re-posting, comment would be RABU~ :)
(sorry i dont know how to post thumbnails on lj, can anyone help me?)
im sorry i dont remember where i got the scans from, if they're yours, please lemme kno >.<

i made a lot of ones with the latest GYAO scan (just varied) they looked too hot so i couldnt help making so many creepy but kinda cool

and also from the MISS scans

these are from the latest MONTHLY TV scans sorry i didnt spend much time on these :p


sorry first time posting here....can delete this post if it is not allowed :)

just wanna ask whether there is any shops in taiwan selling official and non official NEWS stuff! like posters pics....

I am going taiwan for vacation...going to places like i just wanna get some good NEWS stuff from there!

o and aslo magazines! do the bookstores have it? is there one bookstore in ximenting??

thank you!!!

shiyan :)


Hi! I was wondering if you all could help me with this.
You know, at the end of the Summertime PV, tegoshi and massu were doing some wierd action to each other (They were like putting their palm to their forehead). what does that action represent?

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Hello everyone!

I run a website called On the Rainbow dedicated to archiving the discographies and lyrics of all debuted JE artists. In addition to romanized and translated lyrics, I also post color-coding to show which member is singing when. I've got several NEWS-related romaji, color-codes, and translations up, so please check them out if you're interested:

- Main site
- NEWS singles
- NEWS albums
- Tegomasu singles
- Yamapi solo
- Special units (Shuuji to Akira GYM, etc.)

As you can see, even though I have a lot up there's still a lot missing! I'd love it if members of this community would be willing to contribute romaji, color-coding, or translations of NEWS (or any debuted JE artist) songs! You would of course be given full credit :)

Thanks for reading!

Sharing some Pi Love

Since My recent posts were all Koyama focused I felt guilty towards Yamapi and I had to post something  related to him. Besides, I don't think I have seen these anywhere around. Please enjoy Pi Pi Scans ^_ ^

 小五-0810                   TV station 080705                 TV navi 0808               DUTE-0810

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I would appreciate it if someone told me what is the story in this manga?
Pi Pi looks really good in those scans they are some of favorites. I'm sick of his curls
he has to change his hair style, seriously enough is enough ! Don't you agree girls?
I'm not discussing the fact that Pi looks gorgeous with whatever style hair style. That's out of question.
But I want to see him with something different. Mohawk could be an option, but then he will be copying Shige, won't he? I don't know he should come up with something, but it has to be better than the curly hair.

I f you agree, disagree, taking or have anything to say know what to do ^_^
Yes! comments are welcomed ....

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Hmm...well ..since loOoOoOng time a go i didn't see any post for Kato shige SCANS
So EVEN THOUGH i am a dedicated Tesshi FAN ......i decided to make this post
I know that most of you are not familiar with most of them so i would like to share them with you guys

I was wondering , If i hired such a lawyer in my company , what will happen ??
Does any body know, why did shige decided on studying law ?

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