November 30th, 2008

Shabake SP Part 2 Screencaps!

I just finished watching Shabake Uso Uso!!!

And I totally..... don;t really understand what is going on...
I was busy screencap-ing from Keyhole!!!!
(This is my first time posting to a comm.. so if I have done any mistake please forgive me!)

Here are some!!!!

I had some more uploaded in my wordpress blog, So if you would like to visit...

Massu, NEWS


I read the rules over and I couldn't see anything against posting this~
I'm a newer fan of NEWS. My development into their fandom took a long time...from a year ago I saw massu and decided I really liked him, and then 6 months ago or so I started liking tegomass, and then just recently I started actually liking NEWS.
Anyways, I'd really like to make some more friends who like NEWS, as then it will be easier to get to know them as a group~please help me!

I have a blog. I used to post about H!P but now I post primarily about NEWS. My most recent post is a track by track review of color. Please check it out!

Thank you!
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After the pics and the fan reports, now Tego movie is official XDDDD

NEWS手越 松ケン友人役でハリウッド映画



 「日本文化の熱烈なファン」を自称するカノーザ監督が日本テレビドラマ「マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーロー」(06年)で手越の演技を見て、役のイメージに合うと起用。手越は「いつにも増して気合を入れて(26日に)クランクインしました。作品も日本人にはない感覚をもったキャラクターが多く、海外の役者さんとの共演も今から楽しみ」と張り切っている

it just confirms what was said here ^^, but if somebody can give a translation would be great ^____^


NEWS' Tegoshi Yuuya (21) will appear in the new movie 'Nakushita Kioku (working title)' by (American director Hans Canosa's (38). The film will open in 2009, and is produced by Cinequanon.

Roles for Horikita Maki (20) and Matsuyama Kenichi have been announced. The setting is an interational school in Japan, where a girl who has lost her memory, Naomi (Horikita), falls in love with the mysterious young man Yuuji (Matsuyama). Tegoshi will play the best friend who supports Naomi, Mirai. This is Tegoshi's second film, and he will challenge English lines in this film.

Canosa, a self-proclaimed 'passionate fan of Japanese culture', saw Tegoshi's acting in the Japanese drama 'My Boss, My Hero' (2006), and thought that Tegoshi would fit the image of this role. 'I went into filming (on the 26th) with even more motivation than usual. In this film, there are a lot of characters who have perceptions that Japanese don't, and I'm looking forward to working with my overseas co-stars,' said Tegoshi, enthusiastically.

translation thanks to shounenarisu
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Mini Tegomass Picspam

YESHHH NOZOMI IS BACKKKKKKK (: i just posted a comeback fic as well LOL so here is my comeback picspam ~~ :D hope you guys will like it. It's smaller than most picspams but after all, its "mini" XD this is for a couple ppl who requested it so please enjoyy~~ the zip file is also availiable :] one more thing: please leave comments or something so i know ppl still want these picspams(:
btw, we all know tegomass is PURE LOVE so no need for me to elaborate how AEYKLJWLSKRJH they are (:

take whatever pics you want :D but please remember to leave a comment~! :D i want to know if this is actually useful to anyone :DDDD

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(oh yeah, imma pimp myself out now XD if anyone saw this toma picspam of mine, you'll recall that i kept talking about a tomapi tie!sex fic right...??(: well guess what? :D I WROTE IT!! :DD HARHAR! and i'll pimp myself out XD so if u wanna take a look at it, go here~! :D enjoy~)
16) Koyama

Future Picspams:
18) Miura Haruma (slrhsedhaleidhjlaijeh gah...koizora<3333333)
19) Oguri Shun (from request)
20) aiba misaki (since my wifey requested it XDD)
21) shige
22) im sure there are more that have been requested but i havent taken a look at all the comments on the latest picspam yet so i dont know yet. sorry bout that :x anyone care to remind me of any requests from the other picspams? ;o

love is in the air (:
Koyama =&gt; +act. 01


Ok this question may have been asked before ... but I havent seen it being asked in a long time (or im blind and havent been paying attention)... with the holidays coming around I'm in the mood of sending Holiday greeting cards and I want to send one to the NEWS men ... And I want to know what address I should send it to ... I found like 3 different addresses around on the web as well as some in Kanji, and my computer doesn't read asian characters comp crashed and Im still trying to get back on my feet from that. So if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you ... happy holidays to you all!