December 7th, 2008

NEWS Icons

This is my first time posting here..
I've made some icons before and thought I might share them here..
Some were old and some were new ones..
Hope you enjoy~!
p/s : I am a beginner to editing~!

Here or anisnasa
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Saga HoG

About Color

Mods, please delete if not allowed, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me the songs which each member did (the non-whole group ones) I saw it on the community a while ago, but I haven't been able to find it, and since I don't get my copy of Color for another few weeks, I was hoping someone could help me. Thanks ^^

Johnnys countdown 2008-2009

I am in the You&J fan club and I wish to ballot for 2 tickets,
However, my friend is not in the fan club and the rule is that everyone attending the countdown must have a membership.
does anyone know how to ballot for 2 tickets with 1 membership?
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Hi! This is my first time posting media in this community, so mods please guide me along if I made a mistake!

This is my first time creating ringtones, so I'm not so proficient at it, but I'd like to share two NEWS ringtones with you! Please let me know if there are any songs/effects you would like to see from me in the future!

You can find them here at my lj!

Thanks for letting me share =D And I apologize for posting and sharing so little this time...
可愛い <太陽の涙>

Oita party 12/06

In case if anyone is interested what they performed for Oita's party 12/06
This is the list (according to the order they sang it)

-    Happy Birthday
-    Weeeek
-    Gan gan ganbatte
-    Introduction
-    Why
-    Bambina
-    Say Hello
-    Party Time
-    Sha la la Tambourine (Shige’s solo)
-    Ai no matador (Tegoshi’s solo)
-    Masuperman (Massu’s solo)
-    I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI
-    Taiyou no namida
-    Hoshi wo mezashite


-    Ginza Rhapsody (Koyamapi)
-    Ai Ai Gasa (Tegomass)
-    Mafuyu no nagareboshi
-    Snow Express
-    Forever
-    Cherish
-    Teppen
-    Ordinary (Ryo’s solo)
-    Beach Angel
-    Fly again

- weeeek


Oita Concert Reports (12/6,12/7)

If anyone is interested, I've compiled the fanreports (and still am in the process of compiling) for the oita concerts held yesterday and today in my journal! 
- Ryo stripping as a forfeit
- Ryotego KISS. Nah actually some say it's not a real kiss but they were definitely VERY close.

(Follow the fake cut)

NEWS FLASH: There will be new versions of uchiwas for the Tokyo dome concerts :) And according to fanreports, one of the members revealed that the picture used for Kei's uchiwa is that of him.. showing off his muscles. 
And btw i edited my entry with many more snippets of reports hence do check it out again if you have already done so!! 


Help ~ Help ~

i need your help !
If you do,
do you have the music box version of:

Taiyou no namida - NewS

Love so Sweet - Arashi ( [ click here to listen ] )
Yorokobi No Uta - KAT-TUN ( [ click here to listen ] )
and any other Songs from NEWS?

i've got Hoshi wo mezashite already,
[ special thanks to thutwo22 @ CR. ]
i need the MP3 Download..~ >_<

Please help me, Minna San.
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