December 17th, 2008


I'll be going to New York City on the 21-23rd of this month becasue of my birthday 9which is December 18) anyways I was wondering if anyone know where I can find more NEWS magazines, dvd's cd's or posters.. I know they sell it on Kinokuniya, Book Off and Asahiya... I know where the Book off and Kinokuniya are but I don't know where the Asahiya is.. can someone tell me the directions going there...

and if anyone can add some more place where I can buy stuff except for the one I've mentioned...

Anyways mods please feel free to delete if it's not allowed!


This is another video has already been posted on my page (you can find it right here along with a bunch of my other fanvids) that I'm posting it again on news_jpop

It's one of my best ones I think and kind of different from the other fanvids I've made (more serious I guess, plus its a rock song :] )

I would love to get comments on this!

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NEWS translation-Flower prince

So,me and my best friend finally managed to post this translation so,if you want to read it go here: ryopi_subbs  , erika583  or rina123 . If you have comments,corrections or requests,douzo,please write!^^Actually,it`s about the flowers that represents each member.More articles translated,soon! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!^__^
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