December 20th, 2008


More NEWS wo Abake Remixes and a question

This time I "remixed" some group songs, but I'm not sure these are as good as the solos... This post features: TEPPEN, Stand Up, Chirarizumu, Hadashi no Cinderella Boy, Happy Birthday, and Kibou~Yell~.

Follow the cut

Also, I've got a question concerning a video.
Does anyone know where this is from?(i.e. TV show, dvd, etc.)
This video clip of Ryo and Uchi (mf)

Thanks in advance!
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Johnny's Jrs Autumn Concert 2000

aaaaaaaand once again k8rgy has new scans up! ;D

Johnny's Juniors's
Autumn Concert 2000

-pamphlet featuring Johnny's bands before their debut;
T&T, KAT-TUN, NewS, KANJANI8, etc.

Download on MU & MF found at the bottom of the page!

Like always comments are love~
I love credit too, but since I don't own any Johnny's personally I don't think I can force anyone to credit me ;D

[pre-order] NEWS Winter Party Diamond Concert Goods



I am taking pre-order for NEWS Winter Party Diamond Concert Goods.
My friends are going to the concert in January 2009,
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Please note that the price list is changed due to the high change of Japanese currency at the moment.

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[pre-order] NEWS Winter Diamond Party Concert Goods

PS. Thanks for the space (the previous post was already deleted) and X-post to other communities as well.

太ちゃん ♥ 君だけ

内博貴 年末年始 Rockな仲間たち大集合! - December 20th 14:00

Continuing from yesterday, MC translations from Uchi's concert. This might be the last MC translation from me since I'm not sure I'll be able to find more sources. The current source only went to 2 shows which I already translated. If I find more, I'll post them in a batch so I don't have to spam your f-list. X3;

(内博貴 年末年始 Rockな仲間たち大集合! - December 20th 14:00 MC)


Yey~ My second batch of icons ^^
&& Remember to leave a comment before taking ^^

[6] Yamapi
[4] Ryo
[4] Shige
[5] Tegoshi
[3] Koyama
[2] Massu (GOMEN T_T Will make 3x more Massu icons in my next batch :D)


(Here for more ^^)