December 26th, 2008

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[mod post] it's been a while.

First of all, a belated merry Christmas to all the members! I hope you had a great one and are still enjoying your winter breaks if you have them ^^

Second of all, news_jpop has passed 10,000 members!! This is a great thing for both NEWS and their fans, so please keep on supporting the group and the community! ♥

Thirdly, and the matter which is the main point of this post, it's come to my attention that there have been some comments in posts that have ended up into tense situations. I've received a couple of emails on this, so I thought I'd bring up the matter to the members.

Before anything, I fully support discussions where both sides understand that fact and opinion need to be separated in order for them to discuss without bias. I'm not pointing fingers and I'm not accusing anyone, but as NEWS fans and in a post in a NEWS community, it's unavoidable that the members' love for NEWS will end up getting tied into how they reply to anyone who says anything about NEWS. Of course, each different fan is entitled to their own opinion, right? One fan may like a member more than another, one may like Yamapi's acting while another doesn't, one may think Massu has the best voice and another may think Tegoshi deserves that title, one may think Ryo can act and another may think he can't, one may like a member but not the group, one may like NEWS but also like other groups while another only likes NEWS - all of these are different opinions and tastes, and of course, not all of us will share them, so we're bound to have disagreements now and then. This doesn't mean we can start being mean to each other or labeling each other with what we aren't, whether it's stupid, hostile or anything else. If there's a post asking to support a member in a poll, or commenting on how well a drama is doing and note that there is a NEWS member in the cast, or anything similar to that, of course we'd want to vote for them or be happy that a drama they're in is doing well - it's because we're NEWS fans and without our support, where would the members be?

I do understand that it's easy to forget about being unbiased and discussing NEWS (and/or its members) objectively, but this is a NEWS community after all, isn't it? Since we're brought together thanks to our love of NEWS or one of its' members, I'd just like to remind all the members of news_jpop to take note of what I've said in the post and keep it in mind when it comes to the posts you see in the community and what you comment with. ^^

Thanks for reading and happy holidays once again~ ♥


Hello everyone, this is the first time I'm posting here so please tell if I'm doing something wrong lol. :)

Well, I'll go straight to the matter. I have been thinking about starting a fansite about NEWS for quite a long time, but the problem is I don't really know where to find photos, scans, information about appearances and so on. Unfortunately I don't understand Japanese so I can't get info from official websites either.
So I'm wondering if someone might be interested to start a fansite with me? I have experience with fansites and designing so that's not a problem :)

That's all from me, comment if interested! :)
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Hi everyone, Loze and I are planning to go to Aiba's restuarant and Kei-chan's restaurant on December 29, 2008 and were wondering if there were others fans who are in Tokyo at the time are interested.  The plan so far is as follows:

We all meet at 11am inside Tokyo station, Marunouchi Central Gate, near the information counter. See the red cross:
When everybody is here (we won't wait more than 20 min), we'll take the Sobu line for Chiba.
We'll arrive around noon at Chiba, and we'll eat at Aiba's restaurant.

After lunch, depending on people, we can come back to Tokyo for JShops at Harajuku. We will stroll around until 6-7pm, and then, take the train to Sobudaimae (Odakyu line) and we'll have diner at Koyama's restaurant.

If this plan appeals to anyone, please let us know.