December 28th, 2008

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JE/SM Fic Exchange

Ever have people telling you JE and SM don't go together? That it's either Japan or Korea and there's only water in between? Ever wanted to prove them wrong? Well, now's your chance to bring out that creativity! Welcome to the JE/SM Fic Exchange! Where all your Japanese and Korean fantasies come to life!

JE/SM Fic Exchange is your chance to join the two together! Only members of Johnny's Entertainment and SM Entertainment are allowed. This is an anonymous fic exchange. Het/Yaoi and everything in between is accepted.

Signups are now open!

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turborecords inc

turborecords rp: asian music roleplaying

Letter from the CEO
Welcome to turborecords. Started in 2005, we are an independent label company currently in search of Japan's next greatest vocal and musical talents. We premiere artists that are determined, passionate, and are willing to put their music on the stage for the world to admire. Promoting a large variety of genres, we are proud to welcome you aboard to our roster of stars.

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[mod post] johnny's all over the world.

I've been receiving a lot of complaints about the posts that are basically just "where can I find JE goods in [insert city of your choice here]?". This has been a problem for a while now, and I'll be honest, both I and the other mods are far too busy to go back through older posts and make a compilation of them. However, these kind of posts are redundant and I would like to keep them off the community; but I can't just ban them directly without having a solution.

Currently, there is the_edjucator's Ultimate Shops/Stores post with links to many shops that sell JE goods and it's extremely helpful ♥ But we've gotten posts asking for shops that are in cities/countries that are missing from that list. (Don't check only the main list and think 'but the place I'm asking about isn't there!' - the post may not have been updated recently, so always check the comments to the Shops/Stores post as well before deciding it's hopeless.) In order to fix that problem, I'm going to ask the members to do two things: the first being to contribute to the list in that post if you know of shops that aren't listed there, and from now on, to refrain from posting entries asking about locations of shops.

the_edjucator's entry is listed in the sidebar of the main layout and isn't hard to find. There is also je_questions for those kind of questions as well. Because of that, if I see any posts like that after this post, it will be deleted immediately without any warning. That's all for this time~ thank you for reading! X3

« edit → 20081229 @ 02:22:34pm » eyeslikefirefly and the_edjucator also pointed the JE merchandise post over at je_express, which will also be added to the links in the sidebar. ^^

AIQ skits ipod version subbed by newshfan REUPLOAD.

The old links died and I luckily had the time to reupload this after a lot of people PM-ed me about the links not working. I hope you guys enjoy this as I did. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!~ I just thought of reposting it since people might still want it. :D

Ai Q Test Skit (7 episodes) - Masuda Takahisa, Yamashita Shoon IPOD/mp4 VERSION REUPLOAD!!!!! subbed by newshfan

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i love yuma~

Hi~~ ^__^

So, I kinda forgot to credit baidu gomen.. uwaa.. that's the person who first gave links to the "Taiyou no Namida" ringtones.. bad spica~
I now have Yamapi's version.. so I'mma give it to you with a tegoshi vid and a koyamaXmassu song..


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3 .mp3 music files and one .wmv video file all in all~
I hope this is all fine.. ^.^