December 30th, 2008

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i dunno if this was posted already and also from what magazine or interview..
but this is one of the funniest translation i've read so i thought i would love to share it ^^

ah! and if anyone knows from where magazine and what issue is this or interview.. i would love to know ^^

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What's something new you noticed about Tegoshi?
Pi: When he asks Massu to go to karaoke's with him, he's actually demanding him to go. (LOL)
Kei: He HATES to lose!
Ryo: Sometimes, he says random stuff.. which can be really funny.
Shige: He's very serious, and once he starts something he does the best he can.
Kusa: I actually don't know his deep secrets. (LOL) And also, when i asked him about his college entrance exams, he kinda ignored me (LOL)
Massu: He doesn't talk as much on the set of our drama.
Tego: I always forget to zip my pants. (LOL) I think they're unzipped alot during concerts (LOL)

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fanwork: NEWS calendar 2009

hi minna,
I just finished my first project (for this community) that is making NEWS calendar.
this included all month (of course!) and member's birthday tag (as reminder).
This is my first project, so I'm hoping good feedback from you all.
hope you like my work.


check the rest at my journal retsuno 


~Shuji to Akira cover~ Ri-chan to Pi-chan Seishun Amigo single

I and Ri-chan from NIF made fancover version of Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo single...^^ it includes Seishun Amigo and new duet -versions of Colorful and Kizuna...^^ I took Yamapi's part and Ri-chan took Kame's...^^
I also made cover for it and as you can see Ri-chan is wearing Kame's outfit and I have Yamapi's...^^

please listen and leave a comment... <3<3<3

(to listen/download click go in my LJ)

Wink Up and Myojo Issues~

Hi everyone~!

I recently bought the December and January versions of Wink Up and Myojo
and I wanted to share some scans of NEWS I took with everyone~

I'm not sure how to properly re-post one of my own entries, so I hope this is okay...

So, dozo, hope everyone enjoys them ^_^ ~

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NEWS winter party diamond

We have one NEWS winter party diamond Masuda Takahisa Poster and one tote bag for sale! :)  (we already have the goods) 

Poster going at SGD$25
Tote Bag going at SGD$30

Please contact us by the 2nd of January if you wish to purchase it.
It will be mailed out from Japan.

We apologise for not being able to give you estimates of shipping costs.
We also apologise for being unable to give a sample picture of the poster because it is in closed packaging originally given by johnny's.
All goods will be packaged properly. e.g the poster will be mailed in a hard tube

Please comment, thank you! :)

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