January 6th, 2009

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Good day to everyone!

Under the cut is a RUSS-K commercial from NEWS. I’d like to have a quick survey about it for our Statistics project, and I hope to receive the community’s cooperation. We need at least 30 respondents, and to have more than that will definitely be a great help. Thank you very much! ♥

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Please fill in this form:

All questions are answerable by YES and NO only. You may leave a question blank if you aren’t sure about what to answer.

Again, thank you very much for your cooperation! :D

EDIT: The next comments after this edit will be screened to avoid offending other commenters if someone should decide to give negative opinions/concrit to the group. Thanks to edenoverdose for the suggestion! And to everyone who has answered the survey, obviously I can't reply on each and every comment (no matter how much I want to) but I really, really appreciate them!


Thank you so much to everyone who answered, gave suggestions, asked questions and wished us luck! :D May Johnny bless you with more good NEWS.
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Question about Koyama's major in Meiji!! XDD

I was reading on how Inoo Kei got accepted into Meiji University, majoring architecture when I wondered what Kei's major was...because I've seen different things written in different places (like, I remember seeing somewhere it was literature (English wiki says it is).. and then read somewhere that it was History and Geography (I think this was magazine translations)... and uhm yea. So I checked out the Japanese wiki..

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[bts] ♡ group i.

[Romaji] Uchi Hiroki - Nijiiro no Sora e

That's actually Romaji Translation Attempt *points at entry subject* :))

I was listening repeatedly to Uchi Hiroki's Nijiiro no Sora e since I've heard it (a very very beautiful song written by Uchi himself) and for the purpose of singing along with it, I tried to search for the romaji lyrics. Because I can't find anything, I decided to search for the kanji lyrics and tried to translate it to romaji by myself. I don't speak japanese fluently, I can only read katakana/hiragana plus I had help from this site for the kanji characters so yeah, I can say that it's not 100% accurate. I did my best though! :)) I decided to share it with all of you since I haven't seen anyone posted this one yet or maybe I'm just blind? Please enlighten me.

Comments are appreciated and CORRECTIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY WELCOME!

Let's continue supporting Uchi.♥

osaka dome question...

I'm going to see NEWS Winter Party Diamond on 12th Jan (the last show of the tour)...

I just have a few questions for anyone who has seen a Johnny's concert at Kyocera Dome Osaka

I was looking at the website www.kyoceradome-osaka.jp/seat/index.html and at the photos of the view from the various seats in the dome.

Just wondering (and these may be really stupid questions but Im curious...)

1) Are the baseball nets permanently there, even for JE concerts?

2) If so, do they affect the visibility of the concert (the boys!!) much? Are they annoying?

3) Is there room between the nets and the seats for carts or anything to go through? Or do the boys mostly stay in the arena part?

My seat looks like its behind the netting, I'm sitting pretty close to the edge though so hopefully it wont matter too much
Anyway, any knowledge you can share on this would be really appreciated!!