January 9th, 2009

Weider V

P-sama in Waratte Iitomo

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! This is actually my first PO in any LJ communities! Yoropiku ne~!

I just wanna share some screencaps and the RAW DL links I've taken just now from today's Waratte Iitomo.

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Please come to my LJ to see the rest of the screencaps and DL links to the show!

Jya ne~! ☆-( ^-゚)v
peace out

NEWS Translations

(hehe i resized it from our comm layout XD)

Hi guys! A little update, wink up, myojo, and duet translations up to 2008 are up. And a bit of popolo is up now.
The rest of the translations will be put up bit by bit. The community has been around for so long now so I'm sorry for the little progress.
Go here to our community.

I have been a bit busy with RL and another secret project and I think the people who helped me with the community are very busy too.
So I am rethinking if we should continue organizing translations for 2009...
Here's a poll. Or if you have other suggestions please leave a comment ^^

Poll #1327904 NEWS Translations

Should we continue to organize NEWS related translations?

(Yes) It is helpful when finding translations.
(Yes) I didn't know about this community but please continue.
(No) It doesn't matter.

Where should translators post their translations?

at news_jpop (a translation tag is good enough)
at newstranslation (specific tags are helpful)
It doesn't matter. I check for translations at the translators journal/ comm

yunho ♪

friends only banner

I made 24 friends only banner!
I hope you like it :)


{1} akame

{2} aragaki yui

{2} arashi

{1} haruka ayase

{1} hey! say! jump

{1} horikita maki

{1} jin akanishi

{3} kanjani 8

{2} kazuya kamenashi

{1} koichi domoto

{1} L

{1} mao inoue

{1} matsumoto jun

{1} ohkura tadayoshi

{2} ryo nishikido

{1} sakurai sho

{1} tatsuya ueda

{1} yamada ryosuke



here @ okimiyage

*will be f-locked within a week

News wo Abake!

Not sure if anyone has posted this in past, but in case they haven't, here it goes XD

I was browsing around the web a few weeks ago, and came across these pretty hilarious videos about NEWS, of course.

The game is called 'News wo Abake'.
They have to put eye masks on, so they would not see the member that is exposing themselves or another.
Also, they have to talk through these microphone chargers, to disguise their voices.