January 12th, 2009

looking for willing respondents for a thesis on Japanese dramas

NEWS fans no Minna-san!

I am conducting a study (for my thesis) about JAPANESE DRAMAS AND THE FILIPINO YOUTH AUDIENCE and I am looking for respondents who are willing to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire will focus on WHY YOU LOVE JAPANESE DRAMAS.

You could contact me thru this post or YM (remarkable_nana) and I'd email you the questionnaire.

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Music Station Super Live 2008

For those who are interested in the full MS super live in high quality I have the torrent link here
(credit to gachapin @ clubbox)
additional info:
.avi format
if you don't know how to use torrents go here (short explanation by me. ask if you have any questions)

Also i might consider mediafire and megaupload later if people want.. so please comment at my journal if you would like this~ ^^

Toki Doki Spring '07

Koyama's Butai Pamphlet Pre-Order

I will be taking limited orders for Call in Tokyo. Each pamphlet will be $35 USD + S&H. Deadline for orders is February 13.

If you are interested, please leave a comment with your (1)Name/Nickname (2)E-mail (3)Country (4)Koyama Pamphlet. All comments will be screened for your privacy.

- I am only accepting payments by Paypal or Bank/Postal Money Order.
- Buyers are responsible for paypal fees (1% of your total)
- All items are being sent from Japan.
- Three forms of shipping is available: Airmail, EMS International or SAL Economy.
- My Feedback

Pre-Order is now closed. If possible, I may start a wait list in case I decide to buy more pamphlets.

Question ^^


This appeared today on the Johnny's Entertainment (label) official website. Could somebody translate this in english ? I think it's about a new PV - and so, it will be really interessant for us, NEWS' fans- but I'm really, really, really not sure...
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erm, was thinking of doing a small bit to help out with fellow JE fans by translating...
i'm only able to translate from English to Chinese
or Chinese to English...
because my Jap totally sucks...
i'm still at phrases stage..
gomen ne.. ><
so if you want me to help you translate, feel free to leave a comment at my LJ,
or just email it to :
go let me know where you want me to send/post the article to after translation..
yoroshiku onegaishimasu~