January 13th, 2009


Mini Report of Last Concert in Osaka Dome

I got back from the final Winter Party Diamond concert at Kyocera Osaka Dome tonight.
As I only arrived in Japan a few hours before the concert and am suffering from serious jetlag and exhaustion, I won't bother writing a proper fan report until tomorrow.
However, there are a few memorable moments from the concert which I thought I'd share (I'll explain them later in the con report...)

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Hello, Everyone. I am wondering what kind of ringtones i should make next.  I am quite stumped and wanted to do a poll to see how many people like what.  So i ask everyone what kind of ringtone would they like the most.  Either MIDI, Orgal, or Voices.  Also, Request of songs that i have not uploaded yet can be made by clicking on my "request" tags.  There you can make a comment of what ringtone you would like!! ENJOY~~ ^^

poll @


plz vote :)
news russ k

NEWS need more votes!! onegai!!

FOR ALL NEWS fans especially in MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and for other countries too. Please take note.
NEWS is at number 2 now in the poprainbow poll for the JE's make a concert in MALAYSIA. KAT-TUN is leading.
This poll is not specifically for the voters in Malaysia only. It's open to all
So please anyone who haven't voted yet please go to this link
Make NEWS at the top again!!

credit to joshamax</lj> who fist post about this in news_jpop</lj> 


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