January 18th, 2009


NewS Winter Party Diamond 31 Dec 08-1 Jan 09 Concert Reports

I finally got around to typing them up and it's a MONSTER... more than 8,000 words for 2 reports!

Disclaimer/Warnings (PLS READ):
1. This is a very detailed report containing everything I remember about the concert. If you'd like to avoid spoilers for a possible DVD release, pls do not read.
2. This is chock-full of personal feelings and observations, and who my ichiban is is VERY OBVIOUS in there. But rest assured that I love all the boys and to me they can do no wrong :).
3. I do not remember everything, and I did not understand everything coz my Jap is half-baked. So pls forgive any factual mistakes in there.

NewS Winter Party Diamond 31 Dec 08
The whole Tokyo Dome experience
Concert only
MC only

NewS Winter Party Diamond 1 Jan 09
The whole Tokyo Dome experience
Concert only
MC only

Beast  x Rabbit

Fan Art - KoyaShige

Hi there, My pen name is DinnerMint.
Please call me Mint.

I have signed up for a live journal where I will be posting my crappy fanart of mostly NEWS members.
If you have interest please stop by.

(Please follow link for today's art - Its KoyaShige)

P.S. This is also my first time posting to this community so if I entered something in a incorrect way please let me know. ^_^



didn`t see anyone post these onto the NEWS comm yet (sorry for being so late!), so I decided to share streaming video of Uchi on [Shounen Club]~

Okay, sorry, but LJ cuts aren`t working for me right now, so I`m trying not to spam the community with a big post~

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKfthk-4R34 [lots of yum--i promise you won`t be disappointed~ :Dv]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdA_9fkTOCE [short, but with lots of koyauchi love]


Download links are among the comments.
Thanks to all who shared~ :D