January 20th, 2009


Hello Everyone!!

Hello everyone =D

I just created my livejournal account so i'm dropping by to say hi to everyone in this community (which i've been stalking for almost a year) XD Pls take care of me!

Just a short intro:  I'm a hongkonger studying in singapore for the past 10 plus years. I've been into the fandom for 2 and a half years and hope to make more friends who are NEWS lovers cos there're absolutely none around me I'll be really glad if i can get to know you guys out there esp hongkongers and singaporeans =D

Just a question that i always have in mind: Tesshi and Yamapi are born left handers right? Are they like sort of force to write with their right hand since young that's why they write with their right hand but do other stuff like hold their chopsticks with their left?

I'm sorry if the question is dumb XD Thanks anyway.


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Edit: Sorry for spamming the comments part. I jus wanna reply all of ur comments =DD And i'm adding u all as friends!!

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Question about tvants

Hello, everybody!

I have a question about tvants. Since mine version just expired and they wanted me to update the newest version, it keep sending me here http://www.tvants.com but it's not telling me how to update it and when I go on google to find the lastest version I keep coming up with the old version that I already have. I'm just wondering if anyone know where to download the lastest version of tvants, because I really want to watch RESCUE T__T and Keyhole sucks. If anybody knows I would really appreciated it, thanks!!

SHO - Blue

Ryo-chan + Kei-chan + Matsujun = Shin Sungoku Kyoudai (dragonballZ brothers) Hairstyles

another thing to be laugh about. ~LOL
(i just don't know what to do or post here)

haha! i found this one kakoii...
take a look at the hairstyle ne?
quite similar wiz goku-san? or gohan-chan? ~LOL
(if you know that the dragonballZ anime ~ probably)



~teehee! ryo-chan is still cute.. ryo(gohan)-chan? is that you? (haha) Image

More SCOOPS here:

Go check it NUTS!! XP
Weider V

Rescue Short Interview and Promo

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Genki?! I've just finished watching a promo for promoting Rescue but it's a documentary on the REAL Hyper Rescue in Japan. At the end of the show, there's a short promo of Rescue. Since I don't recall I've seen anyone sharing it yet (though I could be wrong), I've decided to upload it regardless.

There's a short interview of the main cast at first, then a promo clip at the end.

Enjoy! ヾ(*≧∇≦)〃

Come here to download.

About concerts


I know NEWS tour has just ended but I just want to ask just how much a ticket costs in their concerts. Not the actual price. Just the ranges cause I know they all vary based on where you got them. I was planning on visiting Japan when NEWS begins their concert tour again and I'm kind of budgeting already.

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