January 29th, 2009

Weider V

RESCUE~Tokubetsukoudou Kyuujoutai Navi (2009-01-24)

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Has everyone watched RESCUE yet? Just as you think that all the PRs are over after they've aired EP1, I have yet another one to share. I've been waiting to see if anyone else would upload it but I don't believe I've seen anyone doing it so far.

RESCUE~Tokubetsukoudou Kyuujoutai Navi (2009-01-24)

This show has behind the stage scenes, training scenes, cast and staff interview, real Super Rescue documentary, Naka and Massu demonstration in using real Super Rescue tools, etc... I bet ya they'll include this show in their drama DVD as SP footage or something yo!

Minna-san! This way prease! (^人^)

How I got into JE...

Okay.. so I've been reading all this posts of some Lj users of how they got into JE.. so I was like why won't I share mine.. so here it goess.. (Gomen for my bad English grammar not a native speaker)..

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~~~ So here it is my lame and boring post about how I got into JE.. Thanks for reading it.. Comments are welcome..

MODS: Please feel free to delete it if it is not allowed or PLEASE let me know what I can do to make it appropriate for the comm.
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Guessing game~~ [with a little update]

Heeyyy there!!!
First, I want to say thank you so much for everyone who has leaved comment on my entry before :D
haha. Everyone is very warm.

btw, I've made a test (?) or something whatever it is called..
So like this, I colored each member all in black, then IF you are THE REAL fan of NEWS or KANJANI8, you will try and answer it correctly!! :D

and there're 2 pics to release your stress in case you'd become dizzy with the test XD
*I read it just now, a previous entry was similar with guessing game too XDD*


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peace out

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I was very bored so I started a je caption community :D
To get started on your own post choose a picture and write one or more captions, or it can be dialogues.
But if you're interested join the caption contest!

The first picture for the contest is this picture!!

   submit your captions HERE by leaving a comment

Be creative!!

And yes, please join the comm ^__^