February 1st, 2009

Paraiso RP

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A mysterious gaming company suddenly surfaced in Asia and offered gaming consoles that could match up to the best gaming consoles available in the market with only half the price. An added marketing strategy they made was to give out a free game called Paraiso, which they claim to be the game to end all games, to the first 100 buyers.

Little do they know, that once they start the game and they are done making their characters to their liking, they will be transported to the game itself where they only had two options: Either they embark on an adventure where they had to face certain ordeals to complete the game and get back to the real world, or forever live a life in the world of the game.

This is loosely based on Hunter x Hunter Greed Island Arc plus several elements that can be found on other mangas, animes, tv shows, movies, etc.

We welcome any actor, actress, musician and models from the Asian Entertainment Business, including

NEWS wo Abake Remixes #3

It's been a while since I've posted any NEWS wo Abake remixes, so I thought I should gather them up, upload them, and share. Their location has changed from my lj to my new community je_abake . There will also be Arashi wo Abake and other JE wo Abake remixes posted there soon (arashi's the only other one right now, Kanjani8 coming up right after I post this). Yo! Check it Out Yo!
Anyways, today's remix post also includes some female voice versions.

List of NEWS wo Abake Remixes #3:
Gan Gan Ganbatte (both female and NEWS wo Abake remixes)
Push On!
Baby! Be My Baby
Cherish (Ryoji Remix)
Tegoshi's Ai Nante (Female version only, and I realize someone did this before, but a friend requested)

NEWS wo Abake Remixes #3

Enjoy! And check out the comm while you're at it, if you missed any previous Remix posts, or want to see what else there is.

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NEWS & TegoMasu karaokes + old fanart

Bring more karaokes :]

[5] NEWS
[1] TegoMasu (TegoMass)

The list can be found here @ my journal.

And, aside from my first point.

I wanted to share this piece of fanart (KoyaShige) of mine. FYI, it's an old fanart on older post (I drew it when I was REALLY new to the fandom). It was meant to be included in my first post in this community but I totally forgot about it XD

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Spring Concert 2006 Clips

I cut and made Clips and Screencaps of their
Spring Concert 2006 Fancams
(morning and evening)

Massu - Akatsuki
Shige - Happy Music
Tegoshi - YOU~world is yours~
Yamapi - Daite Senorita
plus, the boys teaching fans their song's, dance steps and more~

originally, i just wanted to cut Massu's and then i thought
the rest are super cute too so why not share to those
who don't really want to d/l the whole thing due to
the large file size and also to those who have not watched
them yet.

Catch the boy's performances before their suspension ^_^

[NEWS FC 06 under the cut]