February 9th, 2009

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NEWS Icons

Also three tries to get the LJ cut right. >_< I almost cried. EEks!

Well, yeah~  another set of icons. :) took me many days to make.i particularly like the last set 34 - 47, where NEWS are sleeping babies. :)
It is okay if you use tegoshi in pink hair(my icon). :D
I also set this post to members only.
*UI&%$G its 3.30 am!!!! Enjoy while i SLEEP!
47 Icons

[PREORDER] Koyama Keiichiro - CALL Butai Goods

[PREORDER] Koyama Keiichiro - CALL Butai Goods

Hi! We are taking preorders for Koyama's CALL Butai Official Goods. Limited quantities only! More information and previews can be found under the link below:



We accept payment via Paypal in USD, well-concealed cash in SGD, POSB/DBS bank transfer and meetup (for Singapore-based buyers only). Thank you for looking! :)

Traveling to Japan!

Hello everyone!

Finally my dream almost comes true!! Next Monday I'll be flying to Japan! :D A friend and I are going along with 2 guys, but basically I'm the one planning the trip. So I'd like to ask the ones who had visited Japan what places should I visit around in Tokyo! I'd like some representative drama places, for example, the park where Michiru meets Ruka in Last Friends or places like that.

I'd be soo happy if anyone could give me an idea of what places to visit! Also, where is the best Johnny's shop to go? I've heard that the one in Tokyo gets pretty crowded, but I'm also going to Kyoto and Osaka.. Would I be able to find one there? And I know this is a bit hard to tell, but does anyone knows where's Kei-chan's ramen shop??

Thanks so much in advance for the help!

Tegoshi's Winnie

OK, so I checked Nakushita Kioku's imdb page last week and this is what I found:

Emma Roberts and/or Mirei Kiritani is not the one casted to be WINNIE. Instead, it's Kylee who got the role. I dont know her... But then lakuru_san was kind enough to give me a link to her official site.

(curiousity kills the cat)

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This one is what I found in their IMDB page but there's no confirmation about it yet. The news about Emma Roberts is still unclear. Her name isn't on their imdb page but Hans (the director) and even Gabrielle (the author of Memoirs) wrote in her blog that Emma Roberts is in the cast.