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Located in one of the many islands of Japanese Archipelago, St. Helene's Academy for Girls (and Boys, since the year 1979), is one of the elite schools, accepting students starting at middle school age through university. The alumni of St. Helene are amazing, yet the school itself is not quite right. Death tolls have gathered to be rather high over the years. Nonetheless, parents still continue to enroll their children in hopes of making it in. However, St. Helene has always been very selective of their students. However, this year, letters of acceptances have been sent throughout Japan. At the end of each letter, printed in bold, are the words, “Arrive at your own risk.”

At this school, grading systems are a bit strange. With different ranks and different titles, points are acquired through riddles that challenge the brain, competition that challenge the willpower and duels that challenge the body. But keep in mind; losing shall come with punishment of different levels. And while living through these eventful school days, each student is assigned a spirit that becomes a companion that knows them best and guides them along throughout the years. These companions are a mystery themselves, adding to the strangeness of the school. And then there is the eccentric head mistress that seems to be a bit off of her rocker.

The rewards are great, infinite knowledge, unthinkable wealth, or just understanding yourself a little more. However, to achieve this, you have to not only get through school first, but survive.

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Itte Q Festival

To add to this post of the Itte Q festival in Wisconsin; here's an article and video on the event. It was held in New Richmond, Wisconsin. The episode will be aired in March.

The article & video.

Enjoy~. Took me forever to find this, btw. Oh and if this is tagged wrong, please let me know.

EDIT: video converted to .avi by kei_ryo_world: http://www.mediafire.com/?u0h1gmzimoy & .flv: http://www.mediafire.com/?lqgdnjy1yly

Why NEWS??

HELLO everybody!! NEWS hasnt appear as a group after the winter parties >.< So recently i've been exploring alot into other groups in JE like Arashi, Kanjani and Kattun.. And i was wondering "Why do i like NEWS out of all of them??"

I'm sure everybody here has their own reason so why not share it with your fellow NEWS fans =D

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