March 2nd, 2009



I was just watching TV and I saw that Nishikido Ryo had a car accident. But I don't know what really happened because I am not that good in Japanese.
Does anybody know anything about it??? It seems like a woman was hurt, but I don't know if Nishikido was hurt too.

Thank you in advance.

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from msn japan:
2009.3.2 18:21

thanks to  murasaki_anna 

To calm you guys down: HE IS NOT INJURED!!  He caused a car accident,  the woman in the car in front of his got injured.

As soon as there is something more detailed (in english) I will edit again.




Ryo Nishikido, a member of pop idol group News, caused a rear-end accident while driving a car on a section of an expressway in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Sunday, injuring a woman in the other car, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Police suspect that Nishikido, 24, may have not been paying full attention while caught in heavy traffic on the metropolitan expressway way when the accident occurred at around 3:45 p.m. Nishikido’s car bumped into the car in front, which in turn collided with the car ahead of it, according to police. The woman in the car hit by Nishikido’s vehicle suffered minor injuries, police said.

Johnny's has banned Ryo from driving for 6 months, but he wasn't banned from his work in any way.

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Ryochan's News

Happened to see this news clip, thought of sharing it with those of you who are just as worried for Ryochan.

Pray that everything would be alright fo him.

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