March 7th, 2009

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Send Fanletter To Your Fav Johnny!

I found this and for the people who are interested and want to send a fanletter to their fav JE here is the adress where you can send it to!
Don't send any gifts or heavy things only a letter they will send it back if its something else than a letter also don't forget to wright for who the letter is example, Yamashita Tomohisa - 山下智久 (maybe also in kanji if you want ^^) Its better if you write in jap but if u can't just use english
im sure it will be ok ^^

Here's The Adress To Your Johnny~

poll for school

hey guys!
if it is ok, i want you to do a poll for me. i have to do a school presentation with a friend and we compare japanese music with german music.
please write a comment, where you answer the questions!

hope you have time and help me!

thank you very much!

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pi baka

Fanvideo Pi's Rap

I made a Fanvideo of Yamapi's Raps since I really really love it when he raps I don't know but I almost like it more
then when he normally sings it makes my heart beat faster xD (thats with everybody really also sho-chan of Arashi when he raps *DIES* sorry x3) anyway so I made this vid with all his rapping parts I dunno if there are any more raps but I used vids that I know anyway I hope you like it =3

Fanvid overhere!