March 8th, 2009

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[mod post] mu/megavideo problem.

This has been on a couple of comms already, so I'm sorry if you see repeat of the same thing, but it needs to be pointed out. ^^

gimmick_game explained it at a_ra_shi in this post better than I ever could, so I linked to her post for those who want more detail, but I'll give a brief explanation as well.

MegaUpload has started uploading any video files to their streaming video site, MegaVideo, but as most of the videos we download shouldn't be shared on streaming video websites, as it is risky when it is raw and fansubbing groups often ask for it not to be shared due to legal issues, we are forced to follow methods to go around this unwanted uploading of streaming videos.

If you use MegaUpload to upload videos, please either rename your video(s') extension to .abc or any other unused format before uploading. This is to avoid having the videos uploaded to MegaVideo. An alternate method is to zip the video before you upload it as well.

If you have already uploaded videos recently and found them on MegaVideo, pinkujisatsu has kindly written a tutorial on how to delete them here, so you can follow that to delete any videos you may have uploaded.

Thanks for your attention!

(For those wondering about the mod nomination, the choices for new mods will be announced soon :3)
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a project for school

hello guys!

I'm doing a project for German classes which is about the effects of a special music type on a person. for that project, I have listened to J-pop and K-pop only, speak mainly JE and few Korean musicians.

what I thought might also be interesting is what J-Pop makes other people feel like. to express my work of listening to one genre for a whole week, I'd like to list up the differences between constant listening and from-time-to-time listenings. (for example, you listen to kanjani8 once in a while, what do you feel then?)

what I exactly mean is that I would like to get your help. if you could fill out that tiny questionnaire beneath the (fake)cut, it would be so much of a help!because it's a project in German, I'm still uncertain if I want to translate your opinions or leave them in English. just so you know..^^

3 questions only, this way!

my deadline is on 2nd April, I hope to get some answers. ^^
thank you all in advance!

sorry, x-posted to kattunlove