March 13th, 2009


Fan art I attempted.

Now, before you view, I would like you to keep three things in mind.

1. This is supposed to be Massu.
2. I haven't drawn in over a year, since my final year of high school I believe, so it's nearing two.
3. My scanner is on crack and squishes stuff when it scans, and I have no idea how to fix it, and I don't want to widen it too much by accident as I am prone to.

Now, on to the arts!

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SHO - Blue

NEWS - Glamour Banner

I made this one a long long time a go, and the fact is some pics are spam (and please forgive me of doing that) but since i posted here the other way around, i just want yo share with you this simple things i made:


~a glamorous thing to your LJ page


[x] Tegomass
[ x] NEWS
[ x] Yamashita Tomohisa
[ x] Ya~Maki
[ x] Ryo Nishikido
[ x] Koya~Shige


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SHO - Blue

Tegoshi's Evolution of Perm Hair

As i watched Sekai no Hate Made itteQ whenever i DL it at newshfan I've noticed that starting this year 2009 Tegoshi's hair has gotten and gotten to be perm, i wonder why having a perm hair is very popular at a growing up JE.. for last few years, yamapi was the one who is the first NEWS member to have a perm hair, and right now it is tegoshi...

from here, tegoshi's hair is sided.. the sign of having a quite long hair, which is turning to be a perm, by his hair~dressers.. yabaisu!