March 19th, 2009

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Buying my first Myojo

Hi everyone! i think this is really pointless but im too curious for my own good but today i just bought my very first MYOJO magazine and I got Over-excited and began squealing like a crazed fangirl around my house, until my mom told me to shut up XD I've been into JE for a while now but finally got the chance to buy one today from a place near where i live XDD

I Died when i saw everything close up, rather than from my screen X____X especially ryo-chan's smexy eyes @__@

so i just wanted to share my feelings with everyone and was wondering how everyone elses reactions were when they bought their first magazine about JE? (it doesnt have to be news)

not sure if this is pointless but MOD can delete if it is....

THANK YOU to everyone who posted their own stories! i'm so happy that we share the same feelings XD lets keep NEWS fandom alive and buy more Magazines in the future! lol XD
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NEWS Winkup Brushes

My first time doing brushes set. I took the set out from April Wink up Issue for NEWS pages. as you can see with the brushes i use i realli like hand drawn like brushes.

Also did 5 shige's and pi's faces brushes. I don't know the purpose of them but its my new found play toy. hahaha!! so.. i hope its fine. ^^

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