March 21st, 2009

Kakure Shige from Side

Learn About Money with NEWS!

No, this has nothing to do with how they take all of our money through singles and magazines. >.<

In an effort to help my sister learn how to make change, I made a pathetic little board game featuring NEWS! Here are pictures of the entire game, the game board, the "Buy cards," and the game pieces and regular game cards.

Why do I ALWAYS get Tegoshi's umbrella?!?

*Edit: Links to the board game materials are now up! I apologize for any lack of fun. m(_ _)m XD
something out of the habit

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[04] Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS)
[02] Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
[03] Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
[06] Nishikido Ryo (NEWS)
[02] Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)
[02] Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
[01] RyoPi

[02] NEWS

[01] NEWS
[01] RyoPi

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( 待ちきれないよ Beautiful Days! )

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Pi's Nikki


i've got into news fandom for about 1 yr and 4mth..

but i didn't contribute anything to news before..

thus now, during my school break, i've decided to translate pi's nikki..

i'm translating his nikki from a chinese source..

so if there is any mistake..please correct me ^^

and as you can see/ news no ichiban is YAMAPI! (so random..)

so if you're's the link to my blog:

my yamapi's nikki blog (click here)

waiting for your sincere comments! please no evil critics arigatou (^0^)


ps: i'm not sure whether is it appropriate to post here..if it isn't mod please remove it..thanks in advance..