March 22nd, 2009


New NEWS CM Screencaps!

I was totally NEWS deprived for weeks and finally they appeared!
Did a few lot of the CM's Screencaps! I'm sure everyone have already watched it and spazz like there's no tomorrow but for those who have yet to do so, please GO and WATCH...

Here are some spoilers eye-candy moments of NEWS and their new RUSS-K 2009 T-FES CM! Thought of sharing this with all~ (MQ)? (i hope so.... ^_^)

Follow the cut for the Screencaps of The CM and The Making too! Plus other random graphics of NEWS! Enjoy ne Minna! XDDD

(Here! Kochi Kochi!)
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NEWS: Ordinary Tabs.

Hi~ I'm back ^^ With a new song that was tabbed out by me and my guitar teacher~

I[with a big help from my guitar teacher] was able to tab out Ordinary by NEWS :D it's a bit difficult.. took me a month to get it right... I don't even master it yet but I get the drift plus I can play it while the real Song is playing...

NOTE: We merged the 1st and second guitar, and I'm on the process of dismantling it. LOL. XD
If ever I get it done, I'll repost it ASAP. ^^

Ordinary Tabs )


[Translation] 0904 Seventeen: NEWS no NEWS Vol 37: テゴシゲの学問オススメ

I translated the NEWS no NEWS from the April 2009. They discuss college, what they would do if they weren't in college, memories from high school, and other similar topics.

I don't do many translations and I'm trying to improve my Japanese so be wary of errors and such, but it should be fairly accurate.

Please enjoy! :]

It's over at my journal:
Tegoshige's Academic Recommendations
Koyama => +act. 01

Koi no ABO


NEWS/Koi no ABO[w/ DVD, Limited Edition] CDA
1524 yen US$16/97.19 Release Date:2009/04/29
Description:New single release from NEWS featuring discotic numbers. Limited edition includes original Karaoke of "Koi no ABO," 12-page booklet and bonus DVD featuring footage from their live stage perfomance ("Happy Birthday," "weeeek" "Gangan Ganbatte," "Hadashi no Cinderella Boy," "Summer Time," and MC) on December 31, 2008 at Tokyo Dome. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
NEWS/Koi no ABO[Regular Edition] CDA
952 yen US$10/97.19 Release Date:2009/04/29
Description:New single release from NEWS featuring discotic numbers. Regular edition includes the songs "Open Your Eyes," and "Share (Lieve at Tokyo Dome)."

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And I'm STILL hoping there will still be a WINTER DIAMOND DVD *hopes*, please Johnny/NEWS, don't tease us with just this