March 27th, 2009

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ok....this is my first post here...but I'm not sure if advertising for a different site is alright....So admins you may delete this if this post has gone against the rulse (though i read it and I didnt read anything or maybe i'm just plain blind..XD) users can make their own challenges or quizzes neh?? So i made one for NEWS...

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「Sekai no Hate made itteQ Special」 broadcast time

Johnny's net has just been updated.

Edit: I've just checked NTV website.
This Sunday, there will be 2 programs concerning itteQ.
(program title translated by nanchant)

The first one is 今夜は春の珍獣祭りスペシャル (Rare Animals Festival SPECIAL Tonight), broadcasting time is from 14:30 ~ 15:25 (according to wblueskyw, this one is a combination of old shows like hot food from Bhutan & Austria festival).

The second one is 世界の果てまでイッテQ!春の珍獣祭りスペシャル (Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ! Rare Animals Festival SPECIAL), broadcasting time 19:00 ~ 20:54.

Based on the length of the program, the actual SP is the second one, because it's 2 hours length.
Sorry for the confusing.
KoyaShige <3

[Music Video] Fail!Shige

Hi there!

I made a short video about fail!Shige and wanted to share it with everyone.
Of course it is only fan-made without any ill intentions.

The idea behind it:
The members were asked to state their opinions of Shige.
Except for Ryo, everyone is nice to him... well, kind of... or maybe not. :x
Beware of:
- evil Ryo
- Kei-chan's <3 attack
- amazed Massu
- YamaP who's pulling faces
- extremly spoiled Tegoshi


Collapse )