March 30th, 2009



Hello minna san

I have just found that clip on clubbox and it's a CM of NEWS NIPPON

I have no idea about what scenes in it from 0_o. Does NEWS NIPPON PV has another version beside the version we always watch or it's just the scenes taken for PV's CM?
Could anybody know about this? Please help me. Thank you

And for whom want to download it, here's the link CM N-Nippon
credit: clubbox
Tesshi is Love

120+ NEWS Icons

Since I'm super late on updating my fanfic Darn it! I'm Soooo dead!
And my debut is getting near (YES~ I'm turning 18 on April 6 and I getting Jurassic, or shall i say, old! >__<)

Here's a little give away for everyone...


NEWS Icon count: (126 icons in Total)
Kei-chan - 21
Massu - 20
Pi - 21
Ryo - 17
Shige - 22
Tesshi - 25

(120+ NEWS icons ahead)