April 3rd, 2009


[RUMOR] The RETURN of Uchi & Kusano???

Well, I have just read this:  nikpi-0409.blogspot.com/2009/04/big-news.html  and I am shocked yet... O_O

Can somebody tell me if this is true or just a false rumor?

It says:

[NEWS] 內博貴,草野博紀 announced returning to NEWS, Japan Popular Group NEWS 8 members once again unite
published: 2009-04-02 02:22
after 3 years, kusano and uchi announced to return to NEWS after they have finish promoting their latest single, Koi no ABO. 8 members NEWS once again unite. Leader Yamashita Tomohisa said that the 8 of them shall once again appear on screen, hope everyone would continue supporting us. Uchi expressed that being on a solo career for quite a long time, once again i'm back to NEWS, i will truly cherish it, having members by my side, am very happy. Kusano stated that he will ganbatte!

Is this true?????????

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[sales] april - sales masterpost.

Any and all sales for April sales should be posted here!

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Koi ni ABO single contents

I don't know if anyone's already posted..? Since it's on the Johnny's site. :) Just tell me to delete if anyone has! D:

  • songs
1. 恋のABO (Koi no ABO)
ラビリンス (Labyrinth)
恋のABO (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Koi no ABO karaoke)
  • 12-page booklet
  • DVD (from Winter Party Diamond concert)
1. Happy Birthday
2. Weeeek
3. ガンガンガンバッテ (Gan Gan Ganbatte)
4. 裸足のシンデレラボーイ (Hadashi no Cinderella Boy)
6. MC

  • songs
1. 恋のABO (Koi no ABO)
ラビリンス (Labyrinth)
4. Share (LIVE at TOKYO dome)
  • 6-page booklet

CREDITS: Johnny's Entertainment site

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NewS - Koi no ABO Translation

Thanks to yamapi85 for the kanji and romanji over here: 

And translations over here:  ( ^-^; )

Not the most perfect... ( T-T )
So to those who might be translating it too, please help me check if there's any errors and correct me haha~ (>人<) I'll credit!~
Lastly, Enjoy! xD