April 4th, 2009

no. 3 by candy_escapism

Yuya's Shabake 2: Uso Uso DVD

I don't think this has been shared yet. unless I missed that post.

Take a peek at Tegoshi Yuya's Shabake 2: Uso Uso DVD (released April 1, 2009)
follow Yuya and Dr. Kikurin* at my journal watashiwachiaki.livejournal.com/2550.html

*Gomen.. Dr. Kikurin is Tanihara-san's character in Love Shuffle. I cant seem to remember his character's name in Shabake XD and I'm too lazy to look for it.


 And with not much wait and inexistent anticipation, I give you
24 icons today! :) 


See more in my journal. :) 
I made more Massu, and Tegoshi seems to dominate that post, but whatever. Please have a look! x)

Tegoshi Yuya Paradise

Hello everyone,

I am the owner of TegoshiYuyaParadise http://tegoshiyuyaparadise.webs.com/

I can no longer devote enough time to the site so I want someone to take it over for me, someone who has enough time for this and will give it effort.

Please email me TwinkleKitty@hotmail.co.jp if you are willing to give the site what it needs.

I will give you the details to the site.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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There is an asia pop singer popularity contest and it would be really really really really really really really nice if NEWS won!

here's what to do

1. register with channelv
2. go to the link above
3. VOTE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its as simple as that!

but you can tell they're very biased. it's strange how NEWS is the only johnny's group mentioned in the contest and they don't even have a picture!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE UPLOAD A PICTURE FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!

omg such a hard choice! Super Junior and NEWS! (but my NEWS fandom over powers my SJ love....)